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Terraria Comic Book from DC Comics is Here!


Official Terrarian
I don’t think the “Platinum armor” fits Terraria very well. It doesn’t really look like Platinum armor at all. And the Dryad just looks too…super hero-ey.

I’m not complaining, the story itself will probably be perfectly fine, since Re-Logic is writing it. I have full faith in Re-Logic.
Expect this. That detail isn't that accurate
Nor the Platinum armor.


Skeletron Prime
here's to hoping the protagonists get advice from an old mentor named Maxx or Cyril (I still cry every time I think about them ;()
one can only hope...


Official Terrarian
An official Terraria comic book? That's amazing! That's something I've actually always wished in specific could exist, but I never thought it would ever actually happen!

Grand Paladin Tyrux

Official Terrarian
He's obviously a skrub, he only has platinum armor
Hey, Platinum Armor and the Dryad vs. EOW? He'll be fiiine.

On another note, although I do think the purple EoW is a bit unusual and I agree that the Dryad looks a bit too 'super-heroy' and I would have preferred a more modern art style, I'm still REALLY happy we're getting a 'canon-ish' look into the world of Terraria, and I'll definitely be buying this.


I'll pass. I like Terraria a ton, but that style is super unattractive and not really endearing. Dryad looks like a dood and the characters don't match the eater or background in style and the background doesn't match the eater in style. It's like three clashing art styles smushed together. I'd sooner read a Terraria story.


hello yes, i would like to buy re-logic and make redigit give me a yo-yo and this comic included. and then give me a free hat in tf2.


i really want this, but the art looks kinda. ehh, off.


WARNING: UNPOPULAR OPINION: I enjoy comic books from time to time but i`m more of a Marvel kinda guy (they have cooler characters) . It`s cool that they made a Terrara comic but the art style they chose looks a little too old fashioned. I might check this out if I can find the right place to get it because I ain`t going to Toy`s R us if that`s where it`s at (Am I a kid? No.). I`m intrested in seeing that Terraria finally gets A story and I hope this comic is good but judging by the cover i`m worried that it might not be as good as I expected.
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