Terraria Comic Book from DC Comics is Here!

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  1. Even then, I'm still very iffy on the subject. Plus the last time I got excited for something it was Fallout 4 and Fallout 4 was, in my opinion, an AWFUL Fallout game (Still a good game in it's own merits, just not good for what Fallout tries to do.)
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  2. OneOnlyDan

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    If this ever gets available in Sweden I'm getting it at the spot.
  3. Aurora3500

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    I haven't read comic books since I was very young (Manga is a different category). Though this Terraria Comic does sound pretty interesting and is making me want to try reading one again. Especially if writers from Re-Logic themselves are involved.

    I will be planning on purchasing it once my budget agrees that it will work.
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  4. Victoic

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    Comic: U$15,00 (R$58,98)
    Shipping to Brazil: U$33,81 (R$133,28)
    222,2% of the comic value just for shipping..
    It seems like i'm not getting it any time soon :'(
  5. HatlessMagician

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    Well, I've never really been into comic books...

    Until now. Next time I get money I'm going to have to get this!
  6. Chocosta

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    More steam for the hype trai- Oh wait it's out already...

    I'm wondering about the translations. Are they here or about to come or will it take more time for non-english speakers to be able to enjoy the comic ?

    Gonna buy it whenever I can, knowing that Relogic worked on it along with DC Comics (which I know of reputation) makes me want to read the story.
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  7. Zoomo

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    Whoah, that's really cool. Definitely not something I would have expected! Can't wait to read it.
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  8. Seeabass

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  9. Alucard_I

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    I mean, it's pretty cool that DC decided to do that. But it doesn't look all that good. In fact, it actually looks like people over DC didn't even try to do something good. This is straight out of 90's. No matter how much I love Terraria and respect its developers, I wouldn't buy that. Maybe I'm just not a fan of old stuff. Who knows.
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  10. Leinfors

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    Worth noting that it sounds like Redigit personally chose this style because its what he wants. You certainly don't have to like that (opinions and variety are the spice of life), but don't confuse "they didn't do a good job" with "they chose something different than what you like".

    It sounds like Relogic is very satisfied with the end result; from there, you are more than welcome to simply decide to buy it or not.
  11. Derpinator-9000

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  12. Alucard_I

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    And that is exactly why I said that my opinion is unpopular. I'd just love to see that more... modern and flashy, I guess. Eh, tastes differ.
  13. RealSaucer

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    It seems I will get into comics now. Interesting
    EDIT: Not avaliable in Sweden right? It seems I will not get into comics now then.
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  14. CraftedNightmare Here!

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  15. HarshMellow

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    Don't mind if I do. :naughty:
  16. Nakano15

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    Why the Eater of Worlds is attacking the village? Is it built above the Corruption?
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  17. Weping7

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    nooo way, this is so amazing!,
    you know what? someday terraria is going to take over the world! :redmunch::redspin::redmunch::redspin:
  18. LinkSans2000

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  19. DoubleNegative

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    "Official Terraria Comic"
    awwww yeaaaaah!

    "Packaged with 2 pieces of garbage"
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  20. Derpinator-9000

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    Red is Love Red is Life - Terraria VS The World
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