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Console Terraria Console 1.3 Update: Playstation 4 Submitted, Xbox One Soon!

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WOOWIE I’ve been waiting for this moment as soon as I heard! I can’t believe we will get the chance to play it on console!;(:dryadcry::merchantcry::nursecrying:


So how long does certification usually take?
It would be very helpful if someone told me thank you !


Thank god I have to play terraria from 0 in my iphone it will took a long time until I finish all the game progress until mobile version came out it will be more easy if they took everything they made in console version to make less errors and make fast I think it will be for December of 2019 or Q1 of 2020
Or less who knows may be took less time or I will get a Xbox for that time who knows enjoy ps4 players and Xbox


Good day, Terrarians!

We have some pretty big news to share today with all of you - especially our console players!

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Terraria 1.3 Console Launch Window

After a long development cycle in order to completely rewrite the entire Terraria codebase for Xbox One and Playstation 4, Re-Logic, Pipeworks, and 505 Games are very pleased to announce that the Terraria Console 1.3 update has been officially submitted to Sony for certification & approval to launch on the Playstation 4!!! This means that - depending on how that approval process proceeds - we are in the final milestone before having all of the amazing content that you have been waiting so patiently for in the hands of PS4 players. Xbox One is going to run a bit behind Playstation, we are afraid - read on below for the full details around what is happening, when, and why!

Submitted to Sony (12/6/17) - Estimated to launch prior to end of 2017

There is a chance that the date will slip a bit (this is out of our control, unfortunately), but we have spent a ton of time in QA across all three companies to try and make this update/rewrite as clean as we can. Hopefully, that will make for a fast and smooth certification! Of course, the team is already standing by for hotfixes for any bugs that are inevitably uncovered when you move from interior QA to a live build being played by millions of gamers. ;)


Working on Final Critical Path Bugs (see below) - Submission TBD, Planned Launch in 2017, pending resolution of final bug

So, what about Xbox One?

Over the weekend, we had a couple of issues pop up that are isolated to the XB1 build and are also big enough of a deal that we feel we need to have these addressed prior to submission to Microsoft. The good news is that we are down to one last problem at this point. The team is currently wholly focused on this critical item - and we wanted to share a bit about what it is and how long we estimate it might take to get things sorted and XB1 off to submission. This may be more info than some people want, but we figured that some extra transparency couldn't hurt:

  • Console "Suspended State" - Currently, if you "suspend" your XB1 without Saving & Exiting, etc. (power down the console, but not all the way) and try to restart Terraria later, the game will place you back into the main menu. The root cause for this is that the console logs off your profile (and saves are tied to profiles) when you power down. This could potentially cause a player to lose any progress since their last save (again, if they did not Save & Exit prior to suspending the console).
    • The team is looking to match the way other games handle this suspended state (if you log back in and do not change profiles, you can rejoin the game at the spot you left off)
    • NOTE: If you enable Auto Sign-in in your XB1 settings, you can get around this issue entirely - so note that for later - but we wanted a solution that worked for everyone, not just those that are able and willing to make that settings tweak.
ESTIMATED TIMING: Friday, barring any further setbacks

Once this issue is sorted out - barring any additional unforeseen critical bugs popping up - 505 is planning to submit the Xbox One version to Microsoft immediately thereafter. Again, hopefully, that will be a quick and painless process and we will have XB1 out in 2017 as well. However, you can see that these are not small "nuisance" bugs, and the Pipeworks team wants to take care to be certain that these are sorted out.

Please accept an apology on behalf of all three teams for what will hopefully be a minor delay for our Xbox fans. We will let you know immediately once it enters submission.


Once the console versions make it to launch, Pipeworks/505/Re-Logic will diligently collect any post-launch bugs that crop up or are found by you guys and start the process of having them addressed immediately. The teams are planning and ready for a set of hotfixes to cover these as well as any minor bugs that the team decided to defer to post-launch in order to get this update into your hands sooner vs later.

After that, Mobile & Switch will officially be "on the clock" - and our Mobile/Switch Terrarians can look forward to new updates on their platform soon! We hope to have updated general timing estimates for Mobile and the Nintendo Switch version in the near future. Once all that is sorted, the team will be getting together to lay out the future update cadence so that we can keep get those post-1.3 content updates to you in a timely fashion.

In closing, on behalf of everyone working on Terraria, thank you for your patience during this rewrite, and we are all beyond excited to see you all experience what this new version has to offer (1.3 content and beyond), to bring console up to speed as soon as possible with PC, and for what the future holds for the console platform!!!
FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XB1 BETTER HAPPEN SOON!!!!!!!


Great to see console is finally getting it's content! Also, they mentioned the elusive switch version! Having recently aquired a switch, it cool to think of being able to play Terraria on it!


So is there a plan for post 1.3 content? I'm a PC player, but my gf's son plays on console (xbox) so it holds some interest for me.


Yes ive been waiting for the 1.3 for console so I've been playing the PC version but I'm very patient with them no problem with it just as long as it's as good as the PC version then I'll be a happy camper


This may seem like complaining, but i am still hyped for the update. most of my games are getting boring and i really wanna play terraria again in expert and explor new worlds!

But just 1 minor complaint. i know and understand that weapons and bosses and armour and such that affected the gameplay would be removed, but why would you remove the pets to bridge the gap? the pets are so nice looking and cute and i use the slime pet a lot. i mean why not just add those pets to the PC version?

i understand if it's just for temporary consistencies to make the bridge happen faster.


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the pets are so nice looking and cute and i use the slime pet a lot. i mean why not just add those pets to the PC version?
It was our assessment that they weren't particularly nice looking. Most of them were using really outdated mechanics and visuals that weren't designed by Relogic, or really strange design decisions, like the way the Slime pet just rocketed toward you without much of a special animation, just as an example.

Because they would need a redesign anyway (their damage mechanic would need to be removed), and because they honestly didn't really fit our standards for what we wanted in the game, they've been removed for the time being. Ideally, as Cenx detailed in a previous post elsewhere, we'd like to consider revamping them to look and perform more in line with our standards. That's not a guarantee that they will be reimplemented, but the concern is there to look into them at a future date.
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