10th Anniversary Terraria is Turning 10 Years Old - Celebrate with Us!

Aw, no new content? Maybe it's being held back as a surprise, but it'd be nice, y'know?
I'm sure I won't be the only one that got back into Terraria around the release of Journey's End. And boy, after 1000 hours not even including modded, I am proud to say that Terraria is my favorite game of all time. Here's to the future, and whatever Terraria 2 may hold.
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Started playing in 1.1; the game was abandoned and the community was tiny. Seeing it now, how its developers, modders, and players have all kept this game alive is genuinely inspiring. Happy 10 years!


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I cant wait to see it! :D

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Aww man, I've been playing Terraria since I picked it up on a whim on January 22nd 2013. No idea what to expect, and it quickly became a favorite. Played every single new update ever to come out after that, and still regularly find new ways to mess around with the game and continue to enjoy it to this day. 1360 hours later not including a hundred on Console, and I don't feel like I've wasted a second. I remember back towards the end of the 1.1 days, I came up with a video series where I tried to beat the mech bosses without armor, tough as nails for my 13 year old brain, but how far we've come to people no damaging every boss.

It was around 1.3 I started really trying out silly playthroughs, I started and ran out of motivation for a world filled with lava, and returned to it in 1.4 <only for Wand of Sparking to release a video doing the same thing WHILE I was in the middle of my playthrough, grrrr.>

I did my weaponless playthrough with a focus on traps, where the shining highlight for me was a completely AFK Moon Lord arena.

But my absolute favorite piece I've carried over between all my worlds is the Museum. I had the idea for it after my second 1.3 playthrough in 2017, a building dedicated to all present and future playthroughs and unique memories of the game. And over the years I started dropping items into the museum from playthoughs I had finished, and when not modded, the items on display were from that character and world I had played. My first Expert completion was on display, my first Calamity playthrough, and the trap only playthrough.


When 1.4 came out we moved to a new world where I grew the museum again, and it now has those playthroughs and soon to be more on display. I haven't moved the rest over, but I am planning on moving all the items and basically locking the memories into time itself.


I very recently wanted to try building, and while my skill lands far short of many others, it still was a really neat and fun way to relax.


Either way I don't see myself stopping any time soon, I've got a lot of mods left to play, and a lot of experiences and friends left to have and play with.

I purchased Terraria on sale, and to make up for it, have actually purchased Terraria 10+ times by now, for myself on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4, and for 6 to 7 of my friends. It's just that fun, and something I want more of my friends to experience.

Whether this is the last update or not, I've gotten more worth out of the game than I should have for the dollar. While I'm not the best builder, boss battler, or wire-er-er, this game has kept me so interested for years and will for years to come.
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