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Terraria State of the Game - August 2019

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. True Excalibur

    True Excalibur Eye of Cthulhu

    I might consider dying my armor reflective gold or mount. Heck, I’ll dye my entire self gold wahaha
  2. sally lane

    sally lane Terrarian

    Any news on a date for the docked split screen update yet ?? as want to play 2 player asap xx
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  3. CharlesHim

    CharlesHim Terrarian

    Will my worlds be deleted?
  4. Nsk1341

    Nsk1341 Terrarian

    Sadly no date. It MIGHT be in the next patch...which there is no date for yet.
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  5. True Excalibur

    True Excalibur Eye of Cthulhu

    Do you mean in mobile 1.3? If so, then no they won’t
  6. The Terramere

    The Terramere Terrarian

    Will there be any new mobs for Martian madness event.
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 24, 2019, Original Post Date: Aug 24, 2019 ---
    I have an iPad 6th gen, will that play large worlds online without any problems?
  7. True Excalibur

    True Excalibur Eye of Cthulhu

    Oh, I never saw anything about splitscreen.
  8. Cyberra

    Cyberra Skeletron Prime

    My summoner wearing the Lunatic Cultist mask and lunar cultist robe, with negative dye on everything

    The blood moon does interesting things lol I like that color, though... Too bad it's only possible with the blood moon's red tint to everything

    Blurrier pic of my ranger... red dye on the light pet and burning hades dye on Cenx's wings. Negative dye on the shield. Mount not pictured, but it's a UFO with solar dye equipped. Wearing Lazure's developer vanity set with silver and stardust dye on the robe and circlet respectively

    Or at least give the snowmen some actual loot XP All they drop are snow blocks. They don't even drop hats... Those you have to buy from the clothier. Otherwise all you get are the banners. All the hassle of getting the summon item and fighting off masses of homicidal snowmen, and you get absolutely SFA for it
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
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  9. GalaxyShard

    GalaxyShard Terrarian

    Nothing will happen to your worlds and characters in any update on any platform.

    asking if your worlds would be deleted isnt implying that he is on a switch. he didnt mention splitscreen unless it was edited it.

    Check the requirements, it specifies the minimum device requirement for ios, if you cant find it the requirements are 1.5gbs of ram and some other stuff.
  10. Nsk1341

    Nsk1341 Terrarian

    I didn't catch the quote in his/her post. I never said asking if your world would be deleted implied switch...I clearly stated that "dock" implied switch. Regardless, I've deleted the post.
  11. cc88cc

    cc88cc Terrarian

    I’m so dang excited
  12. True Excalibur

    True Excalibur Eye of Cthulhu

    Dang that looks nice! I can’t wait until negative dye comes to mobile (unless it already is)
  13. Cyberra

    Cyberra Skeletron Prime

    Negative dye is one of the strange plant dyes. It's in the 1.3 content. Mobile doesn't have it yet, but it will.
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  14. True Excalibur

    True Excalibur Eye of Cthulhu

    2 more days...
  15. Ethacon

    Ethacon Golem

    My question is... Will these Critter shampoos be applicable to normal pets? One more idea, light pets? Imagine being able to use this item to change the light color, if that's possible. Also, the name of the shampoo seems to indicate that they will also be able to be used on actual "critters" like bunnies and birds that you caught with a net...
  16. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    pets and light pets already have dyes, same ones for accecories and armor if im not mistaken
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  17. Cyberra

    Cyberra Skeletron Prime

    Yes, same dyes that can be used on armor. They do not change the color of the light from light pets, though; just the color of the light pet itself
  18. xXNightSinisterXx

    xXNightSinisterXx Steampunker

    ~:)~:cry:Anyone hype? Join the hype train.
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  19. Ilmarinen

    Ilmarinen Santa-NK1

    I really hope so. I want to fight an explosive snowman. In fact they should add the crawling hand and the solar cultists too while they're at it.
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  20. sirkiwi123

    sirkiwi123 Terrarian

    Just one day left for mobile 1.3