Console The Frost Moon is Rising on Console!

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    Good day Terrarians!
    In late 2014, we saw a number of updates for Terraria on Console and Mobile – including Mobile 1.2 and the addition of the expanded Holiday/Xmas content to our console versions. At the time, we also made the commitment to everyone that we would be looking to provide more frequent updates heading into 2015 – including one that we had planned to have live in “Early 2015”.

    Well, we are quite pleased to announce to everyone that we intend to stick to that commitment, and that starts now: The Frost Moon is coming to Console Terraria (all platforms) over the next 2-3 weeks!

    For those of you familiar with the PC version of Terraria, the Frost Moon is the second of the two “Moon Invasion” events in the game (and demonstrably harder than the Pumpkin Moon which we added to Console last year). This event will test the mettle and ingenuity of even the most hardy Terrarian warriors as they make their best attempts to hold off a terrifying horde of frozen monstrosities in search of challenge and loot.

    New/changed mechanics/bugfixes:
    - Any sand block can be used to create glass
    - Changed any wood recipe tooltip ('Any wood' instead of enumerating all wood types)
    - Fixed allow obtaining the disco ball from merchant and jungle wall from Dryad
    - NPCs will now seek shelter during Solar Eclipse events
    - Between 15 and 31 dec, xmas themed zombies, slimes and bunnies will spawn
    - +1 Music track for the Frost Moon Event
    - Items which regenerate health per hit now have a cap of 2 hearts per second.
    - Properly convert mannequins with console exclusive armor and vanity items in games from pre-christmas saves
    - Recover Dragon Mask, George’s tuxedo shirt and Fabulous slippers on mannequins in christmas saves
    - Added new trophy decarations
    - Added Frost moon event

    New items:

    - Christmas Tree Sword [weapon]
    - Festive Wings [accessory]
    - Razorpine [weapon]
    - Christmas Hook [item]
    - Chain Gun [weapon]
    - Baby Grinch’s Mischief Wistle [summon item/pet]
    - Everscream Trophy [furniture]
    - Ice Queen Trophy [furniture]
    - Santa-NK1 Trophy [furniture]
    - Elf Hat [vanity]
    - Elf Shirt [vanity]
    - Elf Pants [vanity]
    - Naughty Present [Frost Moon event summon item]
    - Elf Melter [weapon]
    - Blizzard Staff [weapon]
    - North Pole [weapon]
    - Snowman Cannon [weapon]
    - Giant Bow [vanity]

    New enemies:

    - Present Mimic
    - Gingerbread
    - Zombie Elf
    - Nutcracker
    - Yeti
    - Everscream
    - Krampus
    - Flocko
    - Elf Copter
    - Ice Queen
    - Santa-NK1

    We are very much looking forward to seeing how everyone enjoys the Frost Moon – make sure you share your experiences with us!

    As always, be sure to report any bugs or other technical issues directly to us via the contact information listed below or via the telephone numbers listed in the Information tab on our profile (try the links below first please!). We will do our absolute best to resolve any bugs/issues just as quickly as possible.

    Console & Mobile Bug Report Link
    Report Console & Mobile Bugs Here
    Thanks to you all for your support of Terraria on Console – we have big plans for 2015, so stay tuned!
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  2. ChippyGaming

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    That's awesome, I just made a top 5 video and people had me remove 'Console' from the title!
  3. Lecic

    Lecic Steampunker

    Awesome! I don't play console, but I've got some friends who do. I'm sure they'll enjoy it.
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  4. Leinfors

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    All these months of preparatory arena building will finally pay off!
  5. -=+Seth+=-

    -=+Seth+=- Skeletron Prime

    Can't wait! And we need the Traveling Merchant!, And Hair Stylist!
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  6. Seeabass

    Seeabass Skeletron Prime

    UGGGHHHH, welp... No more pwning plantera, dammit...
    (first bad word from pigron wat)
    EDIT: well, time to dust off the ol' Spectre armor...
  7. Tsuki

    Tsuki Terrarian

    Oh my little brother and sister are going to have a blast with the Frost Moon.

    Or I guess the Frost Moon is just going to blast them. I dunno, either way it'll be pretty entertaining.
  8. Creeperfriendlyhugs

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    Awesome! nice to know other platforms are getting some terraria specials!
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  9. neophyte

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    Yay. Not that I'd ever get to the frost moon on the ps3 anyway XD
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  10. Rekaz

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    Next will be update for pc , not too far ;)
  11. 3en

    3en Plantera


    Now me and my friend have something else to do. We have done literally everything and have one of every item.

    EDIT : Now when can the Terra Blade be auto swung?
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  12. Royaharrigan

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    Duke Fisheron???????????????
  13. Shotgun Crocodile

    Shotgun Crocodile Terrarian

    As a PC user, seeing posts like this are such a tease :p
  14. Dstroyar

    Dstroyar Terrarian

    This is great! I can't wai for this to finally come out, there will be all kinds of things I want to try out, like riding mounts, or seeing what the Travelling Merchant will give me b/c I've never had a PC to play Terraria on, so thanks for updating the console version of Terraria;)
  15. Seeabass

    Seeabass Skeletron Prime

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  16. meemoo1407

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    Who needs spectre armor when you have coin gun with platinum coins? I can reach wave 20 so fast
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  17. CraftedNightmare Here!

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    I knew waiting patiently grants fortune! Now all we need is mobile to catch up

    (Jk mobile can wait)
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  18. Crablegs10

    Crablegs10 Terrarian

  19. Seeabass

    Seeabass Skeletron Prime

    Mobile is getting updated also
  20. Minomutchi

    Minomutchi Terrarian

    Ok PC update.. also known as 1.3...

    I know you're there... i'm sure they will free you soon.. their other plans are over my friend, we already send a rescue team, you will be here with us soon.

    PD: ezpz lemon squishy

    PDD:Elmo out.
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