(Theory) Was the Moon Lord once human? Is there no limit to power?


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I was thinking about the player character and how absurdly powerful they can get in the game, especially when compared to the other NPCs. I mean, the guide can barely handle a slime in expert mode, while your character can fly around at high speeds taking down godlike beings!
That actually makes me wonder, is there even a limit to how strong the player can get in-lore? I mean obviously there are only so many strong items in the game, but let's think in-lore for a moment. Theoretically speaking, one could find even stronger weapons and tools out there and just keep getting stronger and stronger... There seems to be no limit to the powers the player holds.

That also made me think of another thing, and while this one doesn't really have much evidence behind it, it's still an interesting thought.
What if the Moon Lord was a player once like you? What if he successfully kept harnessing greater and greater power until he himself was transformed into this godlike being? His goals seem to be something along the lines of conquering worlds, and that's honestly no different from what the player is doing throughout the whole game.
Digging up millions of blocks, building structures everywhere, destroying thousands of creatures in the world, what's the difference between the player and the Moon Lord? Sure, the player stops the Moon Lord and saves the world, but really only to keep their world to themselves.
The Moon Lord could very well have built and excavated all he could on his own world, and set off to do the same in other worlds.

I know this is kind of all over the place but I wanted to share some random thoughts.
Welcome to the lands of Terraria! A world-full of adventures, exploration and all the other wonders of nature.
. . . Your story starts with the balance... pure, powerful balance. Between the light and darkness, from the gods of chaos and order, there is the balance... there is the nature... There are also gods of this nature, who breathed life into the universe of Terraria, along with the people and the community in it.
. . . This community had grown tired of their charting of the surface since the lands were relatively small. So they did set out brave explorers and spelunkers to explore
and conquer the various caverns of Terraria, and to reach the mysterious and horrifying depths of the underworld. And one day, someone, a very brave someone did reach it... but there was nothing there, nothing but inferno. The lost adventurer had reached the god of chaos. And there, they opened a hole into the darkness and had been consumed by it. But the adventurer didn't perish, like everything, they, "it" survived and leaked from the hole it made and rose from the deep as something different, as the god of decay and evil.
. . . It was horrifying, a soulless smart instict to spread chaos, to rain down destruction to all. The beast attacked the
world, without any mercy to the innocent people and families fully inaware of what was happening. The beast seemed to be winning, unril the dryads came with their help. The dryad's power was to control the pieces of light and night, to balance even the most horrifying forces to ever exist. And, in time, the war was won... The beast had turned to what it was born from, dead ashes. But its dying roar had destroyed all life in the lands of terraria. People died, but again, like everything, something of them, their souls survived.
. . . Most of these souls could do nothing but to merge with this wasteland and helped the rebirth of nature; but some waited, hoping to be found the chosen one, to be reincarnated and to live again. They required important relics they had once lost to be reborn. Some of those souls left Terraria to find a body elsewhere, but some, waited patiently for their relics to be found and to continue.

You mean something like this?
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