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Mobile things to do in terraria when you get bored of it


Official Terrarian
i need some answers the only thing ive been doing is beating the game 2 more times with a fresh world and character

DV Game

farm for rod of discord, zenith, mobile phone, and ankh shield without cheating.
complete master mode ftw as pure summoner (with friends if possible)
complete game with hardcore character
install tModLoader and complete game with all of these conditions with Calamity, Redemption, Tremor, Thorium, AA, EA, Spirit, Split and etc...


It’s actually pretty easy to get an ankh shield. In expert mode, we got to Hardmode yesterday, and I have an Ankh Shield, and the other person only needs armor polish.


Make mods, do a class challenge, do a harder challenge like no life crystals, play for the worthy, play master mode


The Destroyer
You can create builds and post them here, do the events like frost/moon, and collect all hard RNG items.


Official Terrarian
You can create builds and post them here, do the events like frost/moon, and collect all hard RNG items.
ive done most of that i have a rod of discord too

im actually building a town in terraria rn im not done tho ill send a pic when im done


Skeletron Prime
StardustArmor said:
i have rod of discord
I had been playing Terraria since the time when we kill goldfish to obtain goldfish, even though it's only since 2018 do I found hardmode but no I didn't get it
Ankh shield is my first "endgame piece", even before frostspark.
And no we didn't had cellphone until 1.3 (which is pretty recent) and last month I did some fishing and I got two PDAs pre-hardmode. One became a cellphone and the other is still a PDA
StardustArmor said:
ill send a pic when im done
That'll help with my poor inspiration. I can only make 7x12 matchbox rooms.
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