IC Unknown World (IC)

"...I... Wouldn't know... Sorry... I'm right now having some memory problems... But the sun is setting, and we should find somewhere indoors. Who'd knows what could be lurking around at night..."
"As all flowers, that wilt away and wither in the moonlight...
while fate is the same, the times interesting,
What world had prepared for us to do?" There seems to be a part-poet, part-businessman there. Comes from Africa.

"Uhh... it's better going to not be bad." Agnes sighs, and goes around.
Agnes would be wandering towards her forest, not realizing that Vircavil will be following... or at least - cointentionally going in the same direction as her.
"I don't have much else, unless you count... Uh..."
Cian searches himself, bringing out just a ducky pen.
"...Not much... Sorry. I would have brought something else, if I could."
"...Sorry, but I only have what is on my back... we should look for a place indoors. I saw a tower in the distance, but... I'm hoping it's not drafty in there. Can we all go there? I don't want to leave anyone behind in the cold."
Agnes looks around in the forest. Again. "So... it's getting colder. Well, hopefully I find out where the frick I am!"

Vircavil seemed to mind cold a lot more, being from Africa.
"Cold like a grave, heartless like death,
Yet it can't be seen by the naked eye..." He would sigh.
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