What do you like about 1.3 the most?

Discussion in 'PC General Talk' started by Roka Josh, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Roka Josh

    Roka Josh Skeletron Prime

    I've got a question for Terrarians on the PC!
    Out of what you have seen so far from spoilers, what is your favorite part of 1.3?

    Mine has to be either the mining mount, or the new event (especially the music)!
  2. Pandemonium135

    Pandemonium135 Terrarian

    I am excited about the 4th liquid. Also excited about thorium Mod.
  3. ManaUser

    ManaUser The Destroyer

    Hmm. Just new content in general mostly, this will be the first update since I've been playing.
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  4. Roka Josh

    Roka Josh Skeletron Prime

    Yeah I can't wait to put a series on my YouTube channel just in general!
  5. Torque

    Torque Steampunker

    Hmm for me it will be expert mode, Linux support and yo-yo.
  6. It's not really considered a 1.3 thing, but, support for Macs. I honestly don't feel like pulling out my Windows laptop or Windows Partition to play, and a find that using Steam with Wineskin works, but I can't get Terraria to work.

    In terms of actual in-game features, I'd have to say Steam Integration, simply because if it was an April Fool's joke, it would feel cruel, and I don't think the devs would do that. If it is a joke, oh well, and my favorite feature will likely Expert mode.
  7. Roka Josh

    Roka Josh Skeletron Prime

    If it wasn't a joke, this is going to be amazing, it will be so much easier to play with friends for YouTube or just in general!
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  8. KaizoVorna

    KaizoVorna Terrarian

    Personally, it's a combination of more Mini-Biomes and Wormhole Potion. I have been into using Teleportation Potion to decide my Spawn Point when first starting a new world with a new character recently and Mini-Biomes ought to spice up generic underground a little bit! To top it off, Wormhole Potions will let all my friends come to my new "Randomized" Spawn Point as well so we can all work together in our new spawn location instead of being scattered all over the map!
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  9. Howard Jones

    Howard Jones Terrarian

    Portal Gun.
  10. Roka Josh

    Roka Josh Skeletron Prime

    Just yes!
  11. Passthejampls

    Passthejampls Official Terrarian

    all the revamped biomes.
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  12. Necrius

    Necrius Skeletron Prime

    The opportunity to start from scratch.
  13. Demon Master

    Demon Master Eye of Cthulhu

    I think the steam integration, but only if we don't still have to port forward. Other than that, just everything. I'm quite excited about starting up terraria and seeing an all new menu and loading screen, and customisation options, and then starting the world and finding all the new stuff.
  14. Kyouko Tsukino

    Kyouko Tsukino Steampunker

    I'll tell you once I actually try it.
  15. TheGuide

    TheGuide Eye of Cthulhu

    Everything. No doubt about it.
  16. Ziggyzagoo

    Ziggyzagoo Terrarian

    Mac port.
  17. GamerChiq

    GamerChiq Skeletron Prime

    The new bosses!
  18. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Based on what we know, the thing I like most right now is Expert Mode.

    The New Biome Backgrounds, ore retextures, and deposit loot to nearby chests are also features that are very exciting to see come to Terraria.
  19. Lesnik

    Lesnik Terrarian

    The fact that devs are also updating old content instead of just adding the new things.
  20. Hie the Badger

    Hie the Badger The Destroyer

    I will have to call Schrodinger's update on this one because I don't look at spoilers and when I do I just go and replace all the thoughts with images of muffins. Also. I would really like if the game came out for apple watch.