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What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?


"You can't be from Vietnam, Vietnam is a war"
"Of course you can legally rape somebody, as long as it's in self defense."
"A girl once told me she wasn't having sex for a year because her hymen would heal and she would be a virgin all over again"

Me: "One day I think it would fun to visit China" Friends Gf: "Ya but which part of the continent would you go to" Me: "China." Friends Gf: "Yeah, I know but where, the continent is really big" Me: "China is in Asia" Friends Gf: "No, Asia is a country in Europe, next to China." She said it so much I doubted my own geographic beliefs

Was having a conversation about the periodic table of elements with a friend of mine. Over the course of a few minutes he dropped some serious bull:red:.

/ the periodic table has exactly 36 elements.

/ my favorite element is water

/ all of the elements are essential nutrients. Humans require small amounts of all elements to stay healthy.

/ breathing in anything except pure oxygen will kill you instantly.

/ the elements only make up some parts of our world. Some things are made of entirely different, unique substances, such as wood and glass.

"An ex friend of mine told me his average, per game, in bowling was 320+. Even after i pointed out that a perfect game was 300 he still argued until i eventually just shook my head and walked away"


The Destroyer
"These are nice bullets after holes!" - a one of Polish youtubers
"planes are like cars... but flying" - me accidentaly a few years ago


King Slime
Unfortunately, no, they don't mean combat. Apparently beating each other up in a game where grabbing the armor with the best defense and the most damaging, long range weapon makes you invincible, is an actual thing that should be nurtured and is more important than PvE, which that gear's balanced for.
Oh. I hate that in video games. It's like, you want a PVP focused game? Go play CoD, a GMod fighting server, Mortal Kombat, or something like that, but not Terraria.

Jaster Rogue

at work a few years ago. my parents had just left the store with my little brothers.

Till Girl.. Was that your Family?
Till Girl.. Your brothers are cute. are they twins?
Me.. Yes
Till Girl.. But they don't look the same.
Me.. No, they aren't identical.
Till Girl.. Oh.....are they the same age?

I had to walk away at that point.
This one from AntfishTAS' JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Abridged and I quote ''Oh ''Science'', someday you will prove that Batman and Jesus are same person'' and ''That homosexuals cause typhoons'', to say that AntfishTAS and his fellow abridgers are utterly devoid of intelligence is a garguantan understatement. Yet, morons give him and his fellow abridgers praise because inifinite stupidity is hereditary in all of their cases, take for example TeamFourStar Grade A+ morons of incompehenisble stupidity.
This also applies to all of the following and then some: Atopthefourthwall.com, Channelawesome.com, Spoonyexperiment.com, List25.com, Listverse.com, Listogre.com, Listaholic.com, watchmojo.com, Rifftrax, Mystery Science Theater 3000, ERB (Epic Rap Battles of History)), all of the above YouTube channels, Fine Bros Entertainment, REACT, Rhett & Link, Matthew Santoro, Smosh.com, and countless other dumbass YouTubers and commentors, who if their brains were cleanex they would never have enough to blow their noses.
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