What's your 1.4 order for killing bosses/events?


1.King slime
2. Eye Of Cthulhu
4. Skeletron
5. Queen Bee (most likely on accident while I'm exploring underground jungle)
6. OOA T1
7. WoF
8. Destroyer for Megashark
9. Queen Slime
10. Twins (It's harder than skeletron prime, but I hate prime so much that I want to postpone it for last)
11. Skeletron Prime
12. OOA T2
13. Plantera
14. Golem
15. Duke
16. Empress
17: OOA T3
18. Lunatic Cultist
19. Moon Lord
20. Daytime Empress if I want to suffer


Queen bee
Boc/Eow (beenades help)
duke (for OP weapons)
skeletron prime
Lunatic cultist
EoL (eventide)
Daytime EoL
Queen slime for fun
I think in 1.4, I did something like this?? Not entirely sure though. 🤔🥤
  1. Goblin Army
  2. Blood Moon
  3. Eye of Cthulhu
  4. Queen Bee (failed x2)
  5. King Slime
  6. Queen Bee
  7. Old One's Army
  8. Skeletron
  9. Wall of Flesh (failed x10)
  10. Queen Bee
  11. Wall of Flesh
  12. Pirates (farmed)
  13. Goblin Army*
  14. Enraged Queen Bee (failed x2)
  15. Enraged Queen Bee
  16. The Twins
  17. Blood Moon Fishing* (failed x10)
  18. Skeletron Prime
  19. Destroyer
  20. Blood Moon Fishing* (failed x8)
  21. Old One's Army*
  22. Queen Slime
  23. Plantera
  24. Golem
  25. Solar Eclipse
  26. Old One's Army (failed x25)**
  27. Lunatic Cultist
  28. Stardust Pillars
  29. Old One's Army**
  30. Blood Moon Fishing*
  31. Martian Invasion (15+ minutes of suffering)
  32. Duke Fishron (failed x18)
  33. Pumpkin Moon
  34. Frost Moon
  35. Duke Fishron


Ok, I recommend fighting blood moon fishing first to get blood rain bow and then do EoC to get tendon/demon bow to shred EoW/Boc for armour then queen bee.


My recent order in a master mode drunk world is:
Eye of Cthulhu
King Slime(From Slime Rain)
Blood Moon
Eater of Worlds
Brain of Cthulhu(Happens later as most players don't care to fight this boss)
Goblin Invasion
Queen Bee(Went terribly in multiplayer, since 2 spawned on accident and my ranged setup didn't have the right damage type.)
Wall of Flesh(Remember to aim at the eyes, it has one life meter)
Pirate Invasion(Happens by accident, gotta test what works best to clear this event right after WoF as it happens involuntarily and usually on the first day)
Queen Slime
Skeletron Prime(Single target works better for first fight in multiplayer)
Retinazer and Spazmatism
The Destroyer
Solar Eclipse
Frost Moon

The following I haven't cleared yet, but am planning to in this order:

Duke Fishron
Pumpkin Moon
Empress of Light
Martian Madness
Lunatic Cultist
Lunar Events
Moon Lord

Optional(Why not? it helps get all achievements):
Frost Legion
Old One's Army

I used most of the order in this list on a multiplayer world where most players voted and debated on what should come first, likely my own preferred order will change, but this is how I'll likely structure my singleplayer runs in the future.


I thought I'd ask on this thread since it's about boss progression:

When are you guys fighting Deerclops?

I've been doing it right after the world evil boss, because I want to use the new items as much as possible, so I do it before Skeletron and Queen Bee.


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I thought I'd ask on this thread since it's about boss progression:

When are you guys fighting Deerclops?

I've been doing it right after the world evil boss, because I want to use the new items as much as possible, so I do it before Skeletron and Queen Bee.

Been awhile since I've done a new playthrough, but for when I do future playthroughs, my plan will generally be to fight the Deerclops after either the Brain of Cthulhu or Eater of Worlds and before Skeletron and Queen Bee.


Evil biome
Goblins spawn randomly
Skeletron Prime
Lunatic Cultist
Die to moon lord cuz I have no prep
Duke Fishron
Moon Lord
Frost Moon
Pumpkin Moon

It's a pretty weird order lol.

Sir Snakeboat

Duke Fishron
King slime
Eye of cthulhu
Goblin army
Eater of worlds/brain of Cthulhu
Old one's army t1
Queen bee
Wall of flesh
Queen slime
Pirate invasion
The Destroyer
The twins
Skeletron prime
Old one's army t2
Pumpkin moon
Frost moon
Martian madness
Old one's army t3
Duke fishron
Empress of light
Lunatic cultist
Lunar apocalypse
Moon lord

Atleast, that's what I feel is the "correct" order of progression, but I usually aim for

Eye of Cthulhu/King Slime, whichever one wants to die first
Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu
Queen bee
Wall of flesh
Queen slime
I usually do the destroyer or the twins first, but never skele prime
Duke fishron
Empress of light
Lunatic cultist
Moon lord

I'll do the goblin Army and pirate invasion whenever the hell they feel like showing up
I'll do the old one's army as soon as the next tier is available
Every other event usually gets pushed as far back as possible, even inbetween post-cultist and pre-moon lord, if need be

(Prematurely hit send lmao)
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After looking around the forums, I realized that everyone does things slightly differently for game progression. I was wondering what you guys do? Here's mine for the last few playthroughs:

1. Eye of Cthulhu (usually by accident at night)
2. King Slime (for fun)
3. Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu (progression)
4. Old One's Army tier I (getting a good sentry)
5. Queen Bee (bee weapons good against skeletron; also I love summoning)
6. Skeletron (progression)
7. Wall of Flesh (progression)
8. Destroyer (for Light Discs or Megashark, or just to unlock OOA)
9. Old One's Army tier II (the armor sets are OP)
10. Twins (progression and optic staff)
11. Skeletron Prime (progression)
12. Queen Slime (for fun, cool mount and cool hook, also pretty tough boss)
13. Plantera (progression)
14. Golem (over and over to get sun stone, eye of golem, and a good weapon)
15. Martian madness (to get UFO mount)
16. OOA tier III (usually losing to betsy but getting to round 6, saving up enough money for armor sets, then killing Betsy for weapons)
17. Duke Fishron (completionist)
18. Pumpkin Moon (necromantic scrolls)
19. Frost Moon (self-torture; I never get the right drop for the class I'm playing)
20. Lunatic Cultist (progression)
21. Pillars (great weapons)
22. Empress of Light (so hard)
23. Moon Lord

In my most recent playthrough as an Expert ranger, I couldn't beat anything after Golem, so I killed Lunatic Cultists and slowly, painfully farmed the pillars before fighting all the bosses/events 15-23.

What's your order?
…How do you beat EOL after pillars but before ML?


…How do you beat EOL after pillars but before ML?
Dying to Moon Lord (a lot!)

I used to 'cheese' the pillars right after Golem so that I could use the vortex beater vs Duke fishron. When 1.4 came out I got a little better at fishron but had to cheese empress of light, too. Both times, I just let the moon lord kill me and went on with life.

Now I can usually kill her with drops from the moons, fishron or OOA without doing lunar stuff. But I've never beat her enraged yet, in any difficulty at any time.

(I have to say though that looking back at this thread feels like an accomplishment. I actually spent a year or two not being able to kill Moon Lord on classic until my son helped me; then 1.4 came out and I made this post. Now I've beaten MMFTW, which is something I never thought possible!)


The Destroyer
I think in 1.4.3 in my opinion for Hybrid melee and summon class
1. Eye of Cthulhu (Sometimes I summoning below 200 health)
2. King Slime/Slime Rain (rarely, for fun)
3. Blood Moon (oh boi for blood moon fishing)
4. Goblin Invasion (progression)
5. Deerclops (progression)
6. Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu (progression, for the Ballista Rod)
7. Old One's Army (Tier 1, progression)
8. Queen Bee (for Bee Keeper)
9. Skeletron (progression)
10. Wall of Flesh (progression)
11. Skeletron Prime (progression, for Ballista Cane)
12. Solar Eclipse (progression)
13. Old One's Army (Tier 2, for Ghastly Glaive)
14. Pirate Invasion (progression)
15. Goblin Invasion (Hardmode, progression and for Shadowflame Knife)
16. The Twins (progression)
17. The Destroyer (progression)
18. Queen Slime (progression)
19. Solar Eclipse (After killing all mechanical bosses, progression)
20. Duke Fishron (progression but recommended to beat it after beating all Mechanical Bosses, for Flairon and Fishron Wings to defeat Plantera but I recommended for the armor is Hallowed Armor, The weapons afe Shadowflame Knife because its effective for Duke Fishron with Flask of Curse Flames, Ballista Cane, and Sanguine Staff, and and better accesories)
21. Plantera (progression)
22. Solar Eclipse (After defeating Plantera, for Terra Blade)
23. Pumpkin Moon (progression)
24. Golem (for the Ballista Staff)
25. Old One's Army (Tier 3, progression and the Flying Dragon)
26. Martian Madness (progression, for the Influx Waver)
27. Frost Moon (progression)
28. Empress of Light (progression, for the Kaleidoscope Whip)
29. Lunatic Cultist (progression)
30. Celestial Pillars (if any near pillars, or what class depening you are)
31. Moon Lord (progression, but recommended is Hallowed Armor other than Beetle Armor because Hallowed Armor is much better, sometimes I beat Moon Lord on 435/520 (using Lifeforce Potion) Health)


  1. EoC\King Slime - depends on which summoning item I will get first; nor Goblin Invasion will happen earlier
  2. Evil boss for pickaxe able to mine hellstone
  3. Skeletron but still using same weapon (minishark\musket usually)
  4. Queen Bee just for completing prehm stage and getting leaf wings in hm (even after nerf they are still too good for 1 platinum)
  5. Wall
  6. Goblin Invasion for knife/bow
  7. Mechs; 1 per night but usually Destroyer is first as its summoning item drops first for me
  8. Eclipse for Death Sickle nor I will buy Mushroom Spear or finally get myself full stack of bananarangs
  9. Plantera ->Golem
  10. Cultist->Stardust Pillar for dragon->Solar for daybreak->rest pillars->Moon Lord
  11. repeat step №10 several times
  12. other may be bothered while multiplayer ing otherwise not doing them
Most of runs I'm with ranger in prehm and melee\semi-ranger in hm...
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