Hot Topic Which Mechanical Boss is the Hardest?

Which Mechanical Boss is the Hardest?

  • The Twins

    Votes: 174 47.8%
  • The Destroyer

    Votes: 69 19.0%
  • Skeletron Prime

    Votes: 74 20.3%
  • They're all both pretty hard.

    Votes: 9 2.5%
  • They're all both pretty easy.

    Votes: 38 10.4%

  • Total voters
Easy to hard
Destroyer: a nimbus or maybe even a crimson rod will do.
Skeletron prime: Didn't beat him yet. Tried twice.
:eek:How is the twins the hardest? I found it the easiest​
The difficulty of the various Mech bosses is to a good amount dependent on how you try and fight them.

Spazmatism in particular is designed to punish horizontally dominant mobility though Asphalt some what circumvents this limitation most players myself included at that point of progression will have limited mobility . Retinazer is less movement orientation based but can deal quite a bit of damage if you are focusing too much on dealing with Spaz.

The Destroyer in essence is currently built to deal most of it's damage via Melee contact with the head so it is largely scaled based on where and how you fight it with lasers punishing open environments and the head punishing closed ones.

Prime is admittedly kind of "boring" in the sense that once you know its attacks it is just a matter of dealing damage fast enough so facing problems with it is probably a sign you need increased DPS.
I'm on mobile, so my answer may differ.

The twins. *shudder* spazmatism's second form... Dodging that cursed fire while trying to kill it is a tall order with those mobile controls. Destroyer was easy. Prime was easy as well.
Back when I played terraria and hard mode was simpler (and a bit after that, not sure how long) I found the Skeletron prime was the hardest for me, in order of easiest to hardest (in my opinion at the time) was Twins, Destroyer, and Skeletron prime. Now, in more recent years it's been completely flipped for me; Skeletron prime, Destroyer, and twins.
I find the twins the hardest, but that's because I don't get enough practice actually fighting them (multiplayer makes them extremely easy) and never build an arena for anything short of OOA. Destroyer is second easiest because he tends to spawn when I'm not prepared. Skeletron Prime is by far the easiest for me, all of his attacks require you to either not move in order to hit you or simply are way too telegraphed to be of any threat. I usually prioritize wings at the start of hardmode so that's why I generally don't have a daedalus stormbow by the time the destroyer comes to visit...
The twins for me. Prime took me like 2 tries my first time, the Destroyer took a few, maybe 4, but the twins took like 8-10. But that was years ago, idk about them now.
For me it was skeletron prime since it kept moving around and all the stuff I need to dodge is hard to do on mobile
I think that the twins are easy when you have lightning boots, a shield of cthulu, and a large sky bridge.
The destroyer is easy with a nimbus rod and a clockwork assult with good bullets.
Skeletron prime doesn't really have a super easy way to kill.
When facing the Destroyer I always need something that negates knockback like the cobalt, obsidian or ankh shield due to the amount of lasers on the screen and probes he shoots out which can be annoying since they can knock you around. So I'd say that the Destroyer is the hardest mech-boss without any cheese or specific item for him like a weapon or accessory. However you'll usually not struggle with the Destroyer since he's incredibly easy to cheese against with certain weapons or strategies.
Those who play on the new versions are privileged. You get a lot of goodies like shield of Cthulhu. On the old console we don't even have expert mode. Okay, so I play on the computer some times. Hardest mech boss. Still the twins.
Twins are by far the easiest mechanical boss--CAR with crystal bullets shreads it. You don't even need potions, even necro armour is enough to beat it. Skeletron prime on the other hand... I almost died with full hallowed ranger armour.
Ez very very ez. I got through 4 destroyers in one night wth pre mech gear. And the Daedalus storm bow works with every mech not just the destroyer
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