Will you be there to face what comes next?

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Oh come on..
The ancient cultists accidentally broke their emblem and now it's giving off too much aura.
A new boss, that resembles an angy, flame coated face?
Or just a new pillar with some more swarming enemies eager to make you busy...
Surely something we all want to see ASAP.
lets see.........we have eye of cthulu. and brain..........then moonlord/cthulu himself. what about his soul?

We dont have Cthulhu, the moon lord is his brother. Though it very well could be his soul.

I rather like the idea that it is a solar cultist tablet, a fight which summons the sun god Ra maybe? Or another diety of the sun? It is in the desert after all...
i think its the boss for frost legion!. i know. theres fire. but maybe its not fire maybe a barrier? we dont know.
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