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tAPI [WIP][Released] Metroid Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by Scooterboot9697, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Aires

    Aires Terrarian

    Does anyone know how to download this mod?
  2. Wolfendesign

    Wolfendesign Skeletron Prime

    It isn't out for download yet. You'll have to wait until Scooterboot releases a downloadable version, or you'll have to play it on tapi. For the latter, go to the first page of this thread, and look for a link to the tAPI version, install tAPI, install that mod, then open terraria and play as normal. But I don't believe you'll be playing on any version of terraria later than 1.2.4 due to tAPI having ceased developement at that point.
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  3. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

    This mod is in the process of being updated for the latest version of Terraria. Unless you want to play an earlier version of Terraria (which may or may not be a lot more trouble than its worth), you'll have to wait until the update is out (also please don't ask for a time frame as I can't give an accurate estimate).
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  4. mynameisgabe

    mynameisgabe Terrarian

    wow, this is being revived? that's awesome! this was my favorite mod back in the day.
  5. KapBean

    KapBean Official Terrarian

    Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this mod. I remember this; I made a few of the accessory sprites. This was back when I didn't even play this game much. And to think; this mod is being revived. If you need some help with spriting, I could touch up what I made years ago. I'm just surprised this mod is still alive. haha
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  6. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

    I usually try my best to remember the names of people who have made whatever sprites/assets I'm using, and I don't recognize your name. Did you start going by a different name now, or can you tell me which sprites you made so that I may correct possible crediting mistakes I've made?
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  7. KapBean

    KapBean Official Terrarian

    I used to go by ToxicKappa or Kappa. I was a friend of Angie way back then. I actually compiled all the sprites I did work on. I'm not mad or something, I'm actually happy to see this was a published mod at one point. I was an obscure guy, probably didn't want or care about credit at the time.
    http://imgur.com/a/NIuzV The compilation of sprites I did work on.
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  8. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

    Ohhh, I see. Angie mentioned she had help, but never mentioned any names so I probably couldn't have credited you even if I wanted to. Lol
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  9. KapBean

    KapBean Official Terrarian

    I was just a shy kid than. Now I'm more able to say "Yeah, I worked on those.". It's no problem, Angie was more into making the mod than I was back than.
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  10. clayton0315

    clayton0315 Terrarian

    Hey is there any way you could put the download back up for the tAPI version?
  11. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

    For some weird reason I can't edit the first post. But here are the links:
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  12. clayton0315

    clayton0315 Terrarian

    Thx Man, cant wait for the update!.
  13. Dragon Heart

    Dragon Heart Terrarian

    Ohh goodness! I just found out this mod existed. Though I am rather new to Terraria. And I LOVE Metroid series. Has the Multiplayer crashing glitch been fixed?
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  14. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

    Multiplayer is on the back burner because this mod is in the process of being updated from Terraria 1.2 to 1.3, which requires a lot of work. Once that is done however, then I'll take a look at multiplayer.
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  15. NotaVoltorb

    NotaVoltorb Steampunker

    Glad to see this is still being worked on! Take your time Scooter and keep up the work!`:D
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  16. Vorpal

    Vorpal Terrarian

    the wave bank kills all sound effects and ambiance, also likes to :red: with the volume settings automatically, dont know if its interfering with a mod i have installed, (only one i have installed is leveled/unleveled mod)
  17. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

    That's because the wave bank hasn't been updated for 1.3. Luckily, Jeffcole1 was kind enough to make an updated version:
  18. Snakacon

    Snakacon Spazmatism

    The shading isn't very good on some of them, but holy :red: this mod is massive and more than I could ever do. I can tell there was alot of effort put in.
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  19. Vorpal

    Vorpal Terrarian

    oh thanks
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  20. KingSora

    KingSora Terrarian

    I love how after two(3) years this mod could be coming to 1.3. I loved this mod so much and if i could i would definitely update this to 1.3, unfortunately my coding skill are extreamly lacking and I can't do muchh about it lol. I really hope this mod does cone back though, itd be so great to see :D
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