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tAPI [WIP][Released] Metroid Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by Scooterboot9697, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    Wow nice boss AI! Nice mod by the way! :)
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  2. eduardokirbyfun

    eduardokirbyfun Terrarian

    Scooterboot said around the start of next year iirc
  3. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

    I did not say the start of it, but if it'll keep people from asking about it, sure...
  4. JoseFett

    JoseFett Terrarian

    This will work with or we need a Downgrade?
  5. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

    This mod is in the process of being updated for the latest version of Terraria. But if you still want to play the current version, you'll need to downgrade.
  6. Dwagon

    Dwagon Terrarian

    Great to see this coming back.
    I've dearly missed your iteration of the Grappling Beam, Shinesparks, Charge beam action, and Morph Ball in Terraria.
    They all work terrifically in the game.
  7. JoseFett

    JoseFett Terrarian

    I know that but.. Dropbox send me error 404.
  8. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

  9. JoseFett

    JoseFett Terrarian

    Last question.. This use tAPI r15 Right?
  10. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

    I honestly can't remember. You'll just have to see if it'll compile to find out.
  11. eduardokirbyfun

    eduardokirbyfun Terrarian

    It worked fine for me on r14a, and so did the cheat menu
  12. Fauchderial

    Fauchderial Terrarian

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  13. Joost8910

    Joost8910 Dungeon Spirit

    It's definitely going to be better when it comes back.
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  14. mynameisgabe

    mynameisgabe Terrarian

    will nightmare have an animated sprite in the final version? looks kinda weird, having this droopy, slimy face staying perfectly still.
  15. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

    He'll be as animated as Kraid currently is, if not more so.
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  16. eduardokirbyfun

    eduardokirbyfun Terrarian

    Revive machine broke

    3LAMESTUDIO Pixel Pirate

    I remember the phazon beam that this mod added, hopefully that makes it in the 1.3 TModloader variant of this mod once it gets released, or at least in one of the patches.
  18. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

    If I play my cards right, Phazon Beam should ship with the initial release.
  19. clayton0315

    clayton0315 Terrarian

    Hey Scooterboot, I have a quick question. Is there any way you could post a version of the mod with just the weapons and armor ( if it is done). I want to try to make a metroid map using the mod but no items really fit with any of the power ups, if you could do it would be amazing!
  20. Scooterboot9697

    Scooterboot9697 Official Terrarian

    I really don't want to have to support an alternate version of this mod. Making sure everything is updated for two separate versions is a hassle...
    My mod is always open source, however, so you could take it and pluck out what you don't need yourself (once it's released). I remember someone else did that back in the tConfig version of my mod for their Super Metroid map.