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PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

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Zoo - Collect 1 of each pet.
Mr Popular - Have more than 5 people on your server at once.
Potion Seller - Sell 10k potions of any kind to the Merchant.
Sleeping Hippo - Stay Underwater for 15 minutes without coming up for air.


Survive a fall of 1000 feet

Activate Hard Mode by defeating the Wall of Flesh

Craft a Celestial Stone

Craft Spectral Boots

(An achievement for getting each of the NPCs)

Go an in-game month without dying

(Achievements for clearing each of the bosses/events)


Close call
Fall below 10 health fighting a boss (Manage to kill it as well)

Heart attack
Same as the upper one but in hardcore


The few that jump to mind are:

Destroyed - Defeat the Destroyer for the first time.
Plantera's Furious - Defeat an enraged Plantera.
'Now do it with a Broken Wooden Hammer.' - Defeat a boss using only the Copper Shortsword.
Unification - Craft Night's Edge
True Unification - Craft Terra Blade
Haxxor - Be in possession of an item you're not normally supposed to have (unobtainable item, Dev armor) - This probably isn't a good one, as it will look bad on anyone who might accidentally pick up an item from others on a random server, but still is an idea.


Deadhead: Die 1,2,3,10 ect. amount of times.

You're a clown: wear a clown vanity.

Gang wars: defeat the frost legion. One or possibly maybe three times?

Those are a few possible ones.


Official Terrarian
Apocalipse - Bring Corruption to a Crimson world/ bring Crimson to a Corruption world.

Settlement- Collect five NPCs

Town - Collect fiften NPCs

City - Collect all NPCs


The Metal Scrapper or The Metal King - Beat all the mechanical bosses.
Skull Breaker - Beat Dungeon Guardian
6EQUJ5 - Defeat the Alien Invasion.
I'm Blue! - Make a full Shroomite set
You Monster! - Kill "X" bunnys
Lovin' Lava - Die to lava "X" times
Summoner - Get all summonable items.

Sr.Lavor ❂

Newbie killer:kill all easymode bosses without taking a hit
Avanced killer:kill all mech bosses without taking a hit
Profissional killer:kill all bosses without taking a hit
Warrior:kill the lunar boss it a melee set
Sorcerer:kill the lunar boss it a mage set
Ranger:kill the lunar boss it a ranger set
Summoner:kill the lunar boss it a summoner set
Hell and back-Go to the hell
Without wood-Get 999 wood
Bone Key-Kill the dungeon guardian
First of Many-Kill a boss
Pumpkin Master-Get Pumpkin Moon wave 15
Frost Master-Get Frost Moon wave 20
Expert-Get the expert mode
Buyer-buy an item that costs more than 1 platinum coin
Rich-Get 1 platinum coin
The minishark-Buy a minishark
Night Edge-Craft the night edge
Excalibur-Craft the excalibur
Broken Hero Sword-Get a broken hero sword
Terra blade-Craft the terra blade
Killer-Kill a player on pvp
Tank=Get 100 defense
I warned-Trying to escape from the Wall of the flesh
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Sir Lotta Lances

I have a whole document filled with these. I was prepared.
  • Jimi Hamdrax - Mine 1,000,000 blocks
  • You Call That A Boss? - Defeat The Destroyer in under 15 seconds
  • No Such Thing as Overkill - Deal over 1000 damage in a single attack
  • Dr. Bees, PhD - Kill the Queen Bee using only the Bee Gun
  • A Wild Slime Appeared! - Kill a naturally spawned King Slime
  • Yrimir's Legacy - Kill the Wall of Flesh using only the Water Bolt
  • Unlocking OP Mode - Craft a special Biome key
  • A True Pirate - Complete a Pirate Invasion with the Tipsy buff in place
  • Lucky Break - Dodge an attack that would normally kill you
  • Lucky Streak - Dodge an attack that would normally kill you, and kill the enemy in the process using Turtle Armor's set bonus
  • Tedium - Kill the Eater of Worlds using only a Copper Shortsword
  • Vampiric Pride - While wearing the Vampire costume and Bat Wings, kill 20 enemies with the Vampire Knives


Here some suggestions:
Kill The Twins in about 180 seconds.

Kill The Destroyer in about 180 seconds.

Kill Skeleton Prime in about 180 seconds.

Kill Plantera in about 200 seconds.

Kill the Twins in about 15 seconds.

Kill the Destroyer in about 20 seconds.

Kill Skeleton Prime in about 15 seconds.

Kill Plantera in about 20 seconds.
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