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Official 2014 ReLogic Terraria Halloween Contest Entry Thread

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Skeletron Prime
Okay! My first entry and my first building! I really prefer it tonight but i will put day time too. (Sorry about sky glitches :p)
PD: It's so huge so, i recomend to click the link to see it better :3
Day Time!: http://imgur.com/dtYB0Hp

Night Time!: http://imgur.com/FeF8t3t

Minimap!: http://imgur.com/YSPaIkn

Version: PC
Inspiration: Castlevania!
Time Working: Like 3 weeks
PD2: There are a few secrets on this map ;)


Official Terrarian
My first 'serious' build
What platform you used : PC
Your concept & Inspiration : Some people having a good old day when a monster suddenly appears to ruin their day.
This was built by myself.

I hope you like my build and good luck to everyone who participates. :)



This was actully just a little tiny winy build i didnt do my best just to see if i could get something
Real name: Alexander (call me that IF i win)
Platform: PC
about it yo know just a

Normal view (up) map view (down) (took 1 hour) (actully 1,5 to fix it)


Welp, I'm joining with this badass right here...

I call him Gary. Despite his nasty and sp00ky look, he's actually a sweet and loving guy. It's not his fault that he once accidentally murdered ten kittens in cold blood...

He enjoys listening to hardcore gangster rap and write fanfictions about Sonic the hedgehog and My Little Pony. And he's really fluent in Spanish



I thought i could wait till 3rd November because i wanted mine to be unique and nobody could steal it but now somebody uploaded a gif Monster (or this cave story dude).
It was very hard to put this in a good state. (background, ...)
Platform: PC
Inspiration: tortured Zombie
Here it comes:
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Dakota Spine

Headless Horseman

Not a very good build, but I wanted to show my Halloween spirit and build a little something.

It's a little witch's hut! The shelves contain different spellbooks and potions! And Jack-o-lanterns pepper the hut! Quite Spooky!

I used the PC. No TEdit or cheating was used... I know it isn't impressive enough for something like that, I just wanted to put it out there!
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