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tModLoader Build Mate - In-Game Mapping Tools (is multiplayer)

Discussion in 'Released' started by Duze, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Duze

    Duze Terrarian


    Also known as Build Plus, Build Mate extends upon the in-game Vanilla means of map making. The whole of this project has been a complete rework from the original Build+ -- I effectively started fresh, using certain ideas from the original design.

    Credits to Patrick Weaver who designed Buildaria for pre Terraria 1.1.2 for the inventory items lists. Apparently he's nowhere in sight. Credits being for the inventory lists and organization.

    i - turn on build features
    o - turn off build features
    ↑ ↓ arrow keys - switch between modes
    ← →  arrows keys - alternate mode styles
    x - fill/remove selection
    Liquid/Fill modes use all three mouse buttons
    - Buttons instead of arrow keys

    Download v1.0.2.4:

    Latest release (v1.0.2.9) available in Mod Browser.
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  2. FuelGTFrost

    FuelGTFrost Skeletron Prime

    This looks really good!! Though I suggest making its own UI, it would make switching between things waaaaaaay easier.
  3. Narkah

    Narkah Terrarian

    Please allow rebinding of the key. Typing "I" into a search box and having it delete your entire inventory is a bit silly.
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  4. Purple Flames

    Purple Flames Terrarian

    so when i press to enable, all my items get deleted and i get a message pop up confirming that it has deleted all my stuff.
  5. CraftyMooMan

    CraftyMooMan Steampunker

    What button is it for corners other than Top Left?
  6. Nomad000

    Nomad000 Skeletron Prime

    I have no idea how to do the fill in because he doesn't tell how to switch from the corner top left lol
  7. Duze

    Duze Terrarian

    Since last year, there has been a minor options update to prevent immediate overwriting of all inventory items.

    The latest version (v1.0.3) is on the Mod Browser.