IC Captivity - IC

"You do know how resource intensive that is, right? Isn't it cheaper to just bury them?"
*He'd run over to the creamation chamber."
*If he tries to go in he would find that the door is locked*
88 waits for them to get closer.
*He would start to hear them better*
"...going through with this."
"They think it’s the only way."
"You’ve said that like five times."
"I’m trying to get my point across."
(There's a lot of eights in this RP.)
(Well, that‘s my fault for making the numbers in the 80s)
88 continues listening.
"Fine, fine. But do you know why? And don’t you dare say that again."
"I don’t know, but I know I don’t want to."
"Yeah, me neither. You would’ve thought that 'Heavens Gate' crap would’ve taught them anything."
*And he's sure that an automatic rifle would solve that. Problem is, he only has 15 rounds now*
*He would be right, and if he shot it the lock would go right off, and he would be able to open the door pretty easily*
*He'd get over to where he left 89, and would try to think of a way to enact a plan: patch up Mark and 89, switch the consciousnesses of them both, and kill off the body of 89*
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