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PvP CSGO In Terraria (With TShock files and documentation)


CSGO in Terraria is a pvp map, mainly intended for 5v5, that I made for my own use at OdysseyPvP until it was deemed finished. My server is quite laggy with this map however, so I'm just posting this here as to how to host and play it.
First of all, you'll need the map, and server files.
Server: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1kzdeuey7ak2oa9/TShock_CSGO_map.zip
Map: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5xuz062f2cr60ml/CSGO_map.zip

Setting up
Extract the map (CSGO map.zip) to your Worlds folder (C:\Users\yourname\Documents\My games\Terraria\Worlds\), and the TShock_CSGO_map.zip file to your desktop, or anywhere really.
As most of it is automatic, you won't have to worry about it. The PointAwarder plugin is there so I can award pedpoints for it, but you don't have to worry about it.

You'll need to portforward, and you can learn to do this easily, or use uPnP for it, to skip this process. You'll also need your IP.
When you spawn, you'll be in a small room made of hay and platinum brick. When everyone has joined, do /fteam (playername) [red or blue] to force their team, and do this for everyone, so the teams are even.

To set up the **DEAD** tags, and to prevent people losing their money, do "/team sendwarp blue ctdead" and "/team sendwarp red tdead"

Once everyone has set their spawn, do " /fpvp * " and then type in chat "gamestart" to begin, and (requiring the superadmin group) "gamestop" and these can be within a message. Everyone will be in 2 small boxes, in which they can buy in.

Buying Weapons
When in the boxes near player spawns, do "/buy menu (1-8)" to view items and their prices, and do "/buy (Weaponname)" to purchase a weapon. If a sign has the C and T statues after it, only blue team can buy it, and if it has only a T statue after it, only red can buy it. If a weapon has no statue, it can be bought by either team. You cannot buy outside of the small box, and cannot leave the box, or enter it once outside it (unless you've got people who like to break the map). Another thing to note, is that buying is case sensitive.
For example:
To buy an AK-47, Glock-18, Kevlar armour, and a grenade, the following commands would be executed by the player.
/buy AK-47
/buy Glock-18
/buy Kevlar
/buy HE

When ingame, the red team has to reach the areas painted red, and standing there will plant the bomb, regardless of the player, so long as they're on red team. It is then up to blue team to hold this area for 5 seconds, standing in the box to keep defusing, dying and leaving the area will result in the defuse being paused. The bomb takes 40 seconds to explode.
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