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(Kicks imaginary door, but accidentally and embarrassingly breaks it.) i'M bAcON!

Sine your art skills might have improved while I was gone, I was wondering if you can remake those masks that I requested?
(Kicks imaginary door, but accidentally and embarrassingly breaks it.) i'M bAcON!

Sine your art skills might have improved while I was gone, I was wondering if you can remake those masks that I requested?
Maybe. I don't know how I would improve them, but I guess I could give it a try.

huh this thread is active again what when did that happen
I revived it about a week ago. :p
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Hello all you magnificent people! And welcome (*back) to my sprite thread!
As I'm sure most of you know, this thread has been dead for quite a while, but I'm finally bringing it back!

For those of you who are new here, lemme explain how this place works.
You can request pretty much anything from me and I'll make a sprite of it. Say you're making a suggestion, and you want some sprites for it, but lack the ability to make them yourself, you could come to me and I'll make 'em for you. Or maybe you want a new avatar, perhaps a pixelized version of your favorite character or something. I can do that as well! (to a certain extent)

Now, before you start requesting, there are a few rules I have for requests.
1. Nothing that goes against the regular forum rules. I shouldn't have to restate those.
2. Try to be as descriptive as you can when requesting, the more info, the better.
3. Reference pictures are extremely helpful and highly recommended.
4. You can only request one thing at a time, (but if I know you well enough I may make an exception).

5. When I make a sprite for someone, it becomes their's and they can do whatever they want with it as long as I am credited for it's creation.
6. I usually cut off requests once I build up a list of about 9-12. When that happens, requests go on hold until I finish the list, then they resume as normal.
7. I will accept any and all criticism as long as it's constructive. Don't just say I suck, tell me why I suck, I want to improve, and if everyone is either a yes man or just won't tell me what needs improving, I'll never get better. (That said, I'm not opposed to praise :p)

Improve Earth Armor - Venomalix

Corenality Cabbage Man (ref) - 1ts an amazing cabbage

Cannon, Mega man summoner, and magic weapon (slight info) - chops

Four end game rifles (pallete ref) - CaptainDeezGunz

Corenality DarkLord (ref) - DarkLordFK

Corenality Avatar (ref) - MournfulRelic

Computer Terminal (info) - Iriazul

Armor (Ref) - XSlayer300

Corenality avatar (info/ref) - Faressain

BoI Doom Guy (red) - Jack Morgan

Crane's OC Terrarian style (ref) - wCrane

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, we can finally move on to the sprites!
I only have a few new ones since the old thread died, (and some of these aren't even new), that's why there are so few at the moment. I'll of course be expanding these and adding to them as people request.


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Old Sprites

And that's it for now. As I said, I'll be expanding as I go along.​
I saw a sudjestion about an enchanted sword summon weopon, that would be pretty fricken sweet. If you had the time I would suggest a spinning animation. Also, please use the original pallet. Thanks!
Hey :D I'd like to ask you to make my Terraria character into a profile pic. Here's the reference picture, but I'd want him have green dragon eyes instead of his. Got my inspiration from the earliest episodes of adventure time, if anyone is interested :D (ps. his hands are supposed to be tiger arms)


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I'd like to request a gold/cyan waraxe that could work as an avatar.
By that I mean, something 70x70 but still captures the idea of an avatar.
if you haven't started my request yet, would you be able to do it of this pic?

sorry if its small, just say if you need a bigger one
I changed the design of the character...

If not its ok :)
Hello all...

It may be a while before I get any more requests done...I've lost all motivation to make sprites.
Hoping this is temporary...but I'm not sure. I may be done for a quite a while, I may be back within a day or two...
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