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Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
Alrighty, welcome, one and all. I'm Jack, or Frog, as the title would suggest. I do pixel art. I can't pull all my 'current' art over here just yet, so if you want to check out my stuff, look at my profile page. Ahem. Anyways, here's a list of the Do's and Don'ts on this thread.

Feel free to provide criticism. I gotta get gud, yo.
Go ahead and suggest things. Can't say I'll do 'em, but sometimes I get inspired by things.
Drop a suggestion thread in here. If I like it, you can expect me to post there with some sprites eventually.
Feel free to ask me how I'm doin'. This is a friendly thread.
Be respectful to people. Everyone is friends here.
Ask about the things. A lot of the stuff I make comes from RPs I do with a friend of mine. I enjoy talking about them.

Just tell me something I'm doing wrong and not how to fix it. That's really not helpful.
Drop specific requests and expect me to actually read them. C'mon.
As an extension of the above, drop requests that are nothing but a picture of an ingame character. I'll probably stop ever paying attention to anything you post in here.
Hassle me to sprite things. If I'm gonna make it, you'll get it in a day or two. Don't ask about it unless I specifically told you I was gonna do it.
Feed flames. If someone breaks the rules or just is being an :red: in general, ignore them. Seriously, man.
Just post "What is it" in relation to a post. That's boring and I don't care for it.

Well, now that that's over, feel free to look at some :red::
Crystal dood.png
Crystal Man.png
Dargo (1).png
Dargo True Form.png
Skeletron (2).png
Flaming skull of torment (1).png
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I'm far from a connoisseur of the sprite world, but - sweet works, man!

Credit where it's due, Gran Maw Sigmus is particularly good. He's got a fancy name, so I guess I'd describe him... your current magnum opus? Wahaha. In any case, I'm betting I shan't be the only one to keep on liking your stuff; far from it. Have fun with it most of all!
And some other things to mention: My current xmas avatar was another of his works, a nice revision for the holidays.

Now, to compile my list of deman- er, requests...
Some Crysolin Counsel guys:
Crystal dood.png
Crystal Man.png

Stuff related to this :red: I love named Dargo:
Dargo True Form.png
Dargo (1).png

And lastly a Skeletron resprite because the current one looks like :red::
Skeletron (2).png

That's all this time.
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Here's the finished set of Counsel members.
Qumoi (1).png
Qumoi, God of Thought
Clorov (2).png
Clorov, God of Terror
Tolumak, God of Souls
Vankorr (1).png
Vankorr, God of Passion
Monus, God of Choice
Salaak (1).png
Saalak, God of Change
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