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Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. Chevron_Boy

    Chevron_Boy Golem

    better mod compatibility!!!11!1!111!1!!!1!

    But being serious here, could you make it so you can put wings on mannequins? That would be amazing.
  2. 14ercooper

    14ercooper Steampunker

    What I would like to see:
    More wiring colors
    Inverters(invert power so input would be on and output would be off; and vice-versa)
    Wireless Signals
    Make other statues do stuff
    New triggers, including a time-based trigger
    More clocks - 0.5 seconds, 0.25 seconds, 0.1 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute
  3. Kiddles

    Kiddles The Destroyer

    Diagonal-facing traps, please!
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  4. willsp

    willsp Skeletron Prime

    my idea's:

    .a block that delays wire signal for a set amount of time
    .more timers
    .more statues
    .more wrenches
    .high tech player made traps
    .traps that fire upwards
    .turrets that can be turned on and off
    . knockback based trap placed on walls or floors
    .(we where all thinking it) wireless wires!
    .water sensor
    .daylight sensor
    .a laser block that harms mobs, goes through glass and changes colour when going through gemspark blocks (or some sort of stained glass block if it's added)
    .mirror blocks for said lasers (and possibly for asthetic walls and furnature)
    .wire signal reversing block (off turns to on and visa versa)
    .large wire based mob proof doors
    .a block that connects signals from separate colour wires
    .a special form of block to slow down signals to require time to get to the other side of the mechanism
    .one to speed currents back up
    .and an accessory to view said currents

    and unrelated: can we get some farm based mobs and wheat? one thing this game lacks is farming asthetics (and its kinda weird you see a chicken in a cage and nowhere else)
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  5. Manticore

    Manticore Terrarian

    Aaand I'm on the hype train. Already many ideas here in the forum posts but here are some I like:

    - Adding a new liquid: Oil
    found in cavern layer,
    could be used as material for many items or as consumable e.g. for pumps,
    can also burn if set on fire
    could be used in future for more automatic devices (cars?)

    - Switches which react on liquids

    - Laser sensors which react on moving

    - Detector which reacts to events: Day, night, player, enemy, ...

    - Moving platforms which can transport either players or items. Could be crafted with martian conduit plating

    - Elevator

    - Logic gates, like OR/XOR/AND etc.

    - Turret trap. Could be crafted with martian conduit plating

    - Laser traps which can damage you

    - Wireless wiring? Unsure, maybe a "radio station" which can send signals within a limited range

    - Changing Cyborg NPC: you have to build him before he comes to live ;)

    - A fan statue which pushes players to a direction
  6. Silents429

    Silents429 Terrarian

    Can we have a less tedious way of wiring up two long distanced teleports?

    Something just isn't thrilling about walking 600 blocks placing wire. Nor the idea that you just have a long wire going across the map.
  7. -Tole-

    -Tole- Terrarian

    Here are my ideas:

    - The cyborg could be upgraded to sell late-game mechanical items because currently he doesn't sell much useful gear, and would be a nice npc to own that kind of stuff. Perhaps some upgraded teleporter could be purchased from him that using frequency to connect one another rather than an extremely long chain of wires. Another idea would be a camera which is also used with frequencies. You would select a part of the screen (there would have to be a size limit) similar to Camera Mode and then you place the camera on the ground. You would then wire it up to a monitor and the camera shows you what it is seeing on the monitor.
    - Like another post I read before, yellow and pink wires to go with the team colors.
    - Logic gates would make for much more complex wiring.
    - Possibly some spectre upgrade to the wrench and wire cutter to decrease use time and increase radius.
    - Some way to move blocks around using something similar to pistons in Minecraft.
    - Dispensers, or item givers, that you put items inside and upon receiving an electric signal throw it out, or the opposite, which take in a specified item (or any item), and give off a pulse upon doing so.
    - Proximity detectors, or targets that send a pulse upon taking damage.
    - The ability to dye weapons. Would make for some more customization to your character.
    - More statue functions, like the ability for a Goblin Statue to spawn goblins...
    - Maybe change the switch and lever so that the switch operates as on/off and the lever is a pulse.
    - Fishing Pole and Summoner modifiers, because I saw in the 1.3 updates spoilers that it would be updated yet it wasn't. :(
    - A fourth liquid because one wasnt added in 1.3: Oil.

    This new liquid could be found underground, with a chance to replace a random water pool into an oil pool. I have 2 alternate ideas for how it could be used:
    1. Using pumps, could be pumped (possibly from containers) directly into items that may need it, such as items with more moving parts, like the piston thing and dispenser I was talking about. Each use would cost 1 block of oil.
    2. Maybe by throwing the wrench into oil (or clicking on it with no wire like a bucket) you would soak the wrench in oil, taking up a block of oil and turning your next 100 or so placed wire into oil soaked wire, which pretty much works like the previous idea. Obviously this idea is not perfect and may need to be changed slightly.
    - To make the oil slightly useful outside of mechanics, by stepping inside you get a small boost to your use time for 30 seconds or so, similar to Honey. The oil could be pumped into an Extractinator (or manually via bucket) to turn into Rubber, which can then be used to make the Rubber Furniture set at a Hellforge. Finally, you should be able to catch some exclusive fish at the oil, and while I'm not good at coming up with fancy names, Ill try: Oil Slickfin, and Rubbertail which would sell for a little more than the average pre-hardmode fish as well as possibly aid in the crafting of new potions.

    Thats all I have. :)
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2015
  8. FGX[Official]

    FGX[Official] Steampunker

    Items? Hmmmm....
    I swear combining the Frostpark boots/lightning boots with the Lava Waders/Obsidian Water Walking Boots would be perfect to see!
  9. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    To start with, I'd love to have something like a Sky Fan. Suggestion here.

    Next, something like a launch pad. Sort of like how minecart boost tracks work, but placed on the wall. Just imagine people being hurled in midair. And to go with it, a pressure plate/detector on the wall would be nice too.

    Next, my revolving doors. Something simple, but one I hope to add more design options to builds. Suggestion here.

    A spring trampoline. You get the idea. Walk on the trampoline, get jacked up 50 or so blocks into the air. Horizontally also works.

    Liquid drain/creation. Can't stress it enough. Right now, draining lava or moving honey is a heavy chore, especially when you talk about 3000+ tiles worth of liquids to be moved around.

    Block filler. You know those times when you need a snow biome in hell pronto? Shoots blocks, make them act like sand until they hit the ground. Or possibly something to place 9 blocks in 3x3 square.
  10. ManaUser

    ManaUser Brain of Cthulhu

    That would pretty much be the same as what I said then. So I guess we agree.
  11. Youfad

    Youfad Skeletron Prime

    Could be better yes...
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  12. Rariaz

    Rariaz Plantera

    Hello here are my ideas, maybe this ideas are not wired themed but i think ill be nice that we have something like this.

    Team Blocks:
    basically are blocks that just a respective team can pass trough.
    Team Platforms:
    Only the respective team can stand on it
    Team Switch / Lever / Plate / detonator / Teleporter
    Only the respective Team can activate it.

    New Objects:

    Dash Block:
    when you stan on it launches you to the direction the arrow faces Like a dash:
    Death Block:
    When you touch this blocks means instant death:
    this Object can launches you to a far distant i recommend that this object can be traspased ( not solid object)
    This device can be a lower tier like a spring too.
    .5 Sec Timmer:
    or less


    Healer Staff:
    This item is like the Flamelash[​IMG] but instead heals on hit and put a buff that heals 1-2 unit for like 10 sec. also can be controllable. and can DMG (no heal) to foes.
    we need a lower tier healer class.
    Heal Launcher or Heal Rockets:
    This weapon trows a proyectile that heals a good amount to the ally also this weapon can do dmg to the foes.

    Accesories can have Negative Stats (like weapons), but only when you try to reforge the accesories.
    this makes better balances for builds for pvp and adventure maps in my opinion.
    Activable Buffs:
    Its tedious click them one by one i just want to run a step a plate and boom insta buffs

    Minor chages:
    Rifle Scope [​IMG]and Sniper Scope[​IMG] doesnt work with Dart rifle[​IMG] and Dart pistol[​IMG]
    its that how supposed to be?

    Also how about transparent (visibles but nos solid) blocks that works like Hoiks
    blocs that transport droped items, and whit a simple hammer smash changes direction.

    Hope you consider this opinions and hope the community like this.
    sry for the bad english and tell me what you think.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2015
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  13. ShadowDX

    ShadowDX Terrarian

    It might be posted already but ... Delayed signal. It simply delays wire function. It should be released in versions delaying by: 0.5 ; 1 : 3 : 5 and there should be also a 0,5 second timer. That way mixed together you can make advanced traps become pretty simple.

    I would also like to propose a digital lock and a digital key. (Right click to change lock code - 9 digits, right click to enter key code. It sends signal once)

    Some kind of levers/switches that only (either) disable/enable mechanics.

    Security cameras, touch sensors and guardians! (Statue-like spawner that spawns 1 linked NPC)
    Type A: Sends signal on both, kill and respawn
    Type B: Sends signal only when you are in it's Sight (range of 10 tiles in front od him) and once again when you are no longer in it's range.
    Type C: Sends signal only on death

    Pressure plate that works only when you stand on it. (Comes with few push-able items, can use player's 4-6 frame for pushing/pulling.(not sure which one was it >.< ) Can attach to the item by right clicking, removing it with proper tier pickaxe.
    Actuator-like item making tiles possible/impossible to use grapple hook on (or master ninja and earlier items)

    Directional tiles! (Furniture/tile) when you are inside of them you can move only in certain direction. (Can be switched with wires)

    Space/air/Pirate-ship advanced guns. Wired to base-left tile aim it left, wired to base-right aim it right. anywhere else - shooting (auto consuming ammo?) also, placeable on different angles, for example on the side of a house... Or a furniture-panel for controlling them...

    (If possible) pressure plate making aiming items aim as close as possible at the position of a plate.

    Wired chests locked/unlocked!

    Bigger sized doors/gates. 1x3 doors are sometimes ttoo small for great builds.

    Wireless laser detectors - 2x2 tile, it sends signal to each other from 1x1 tile, other 3 are used just to link few laser detectors using various wire types. Avoiding that way a link all-with-all ...

    2 types of bumpers! (We need a directional player knockback tile)
    A) reacting on wire, not sending signal. (Changing placement blangle by axe with 90°, right click sets given angle to either -30°, 0° or +30°)
    B)Bumber Baloon - Sends a signal and doesn't collide. (3x3 circle-shaped) activates when in center of it. When actuator-like is used on it it doesn't work. (Timed bumbers!)

    Automatic minecart enable/disable furniture placed on a wall. (3x3, activates by passing through)
  14. Wolverale12

    Wolverale12 Plantera

    I got a couple ideas which could work for an update like this.

    -2 more wrenches added into the game, yellow and pink to match the team colors
    -Combine all 5 wrenches & the wire cutter into one to create the Wire Multi-Tool, right click while holding the tool to switch between the wire color types and the cutter, it also has a farther reach than the wrenches and the cutter

    Also even though this isn't about wires or anything but I think these should be implemented in also.

    -Summoner helmets for the hardmode ore armor sets
    -The same for throwing weapons to have that armor set type in hardmode with the ores, and weapons made out of the hardmode ores for throwing type damage
    -Mechanical tool versions of the endgame tools made out of the fragments
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2015
  15. Souchy

    Souchy Terrarian

    A wire gate that allows signal to pass only if it's going in a certain direction; not sure how to say so here's an example :
    > being the gate, A can send a signal to B and activate it, but B can't send a signal back to A (it stops at the gate).
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  16. Xavshock

    Xavshock Terrarian

    It would be cool to have a different type of wire just for conducting. Like the wire won't trigger anything (actuators, traps, etc) but can conduct the pulse of the switch/pressure plate or whatever. It connects to all other types of wires and only those wires will trigger stuff.
  17. Pro Superstar

    Pro Superstar Terrarian

    Here are some of my ideas:
    • A colored mechanism that won't let a different colored wire current through until a touching wire of a matching color activates it. (Suggested name: Wire Gate)
    • A mechanism that transforms wire currents to different colors. Will only work if 2 different colored wires touch it. (Suggested name: Wire Transformer)
    • A mechanism that gives a timed delay to a current. (Suggested name: Delayer)
    • Boulder catapult. Can be activated and set by right clicking or receiving a wire current. Setting it takes 3 seconds before loading.
    • Boulders can roll on minecart tracks.
    • Boulders can activate certain pressure plates
    • Yellow wire clippers. Complete the tool color spectrum!
    • Pressure plates can be placed on walls and ceilings.
    • Naturally occurring pitfall traps powered by wires and actuators. Falls can vary in size and might have thorns or spikes at the bottom.
    Edit was to prevent multiple ideas going into multiple posts.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2015
  18. Gubbish

    Gubbish Terrarian

    Add a block like an alternator that has an inventory and cycles through the block that is displayed when powered. This would have a ton of potential for displays. You should be able to pass though the blocks.
  19. Marion

    Marion Terrarian

    Seriously. I love traps. I'm that person who goes through every single cave and digs out the dart traps. Then goes to the temple and takes out all the traps there as well before even touching the Golem. I LOVE TRAPS.

    And some more mob statues would be good. So many mobs have been added that I don't see why statues aren't going with the flow.
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  20. ManaUser

    ManaUser Brain of Cthulhu

    That is a really good idea. This is the first explanation of the wire coil idea that makes sense to me. But why have the coils at all? Just a new tool, the Autowrench, using standard wire. It wouldn't even need too come in multiple colors. Since it only extends existing wires, it would automatically match the color.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2015
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