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Joke Player suggestion Thread

*clears throat*
ctluhu is spawned wiht a suspicous looking tentakle wich is crafted from all keymolds and 999 hallow bars. he looks like cluthulu an only has 1 eye (cause the eye of cthuluht) he has 10000000 health an instakils u after 1 minute so its hard but when he is killd he drops these:

wings of ctuhlu can fly infinit like red wings
broken chluthu sword so u can mak tru terra blade
gun of cuhlu shots ultra super fast and damage: 1000
staff of cthuulh shoot 959360257 fire balls and demeg . 193472

but dey ar only 1% drop so its belensed

tru terra bled
100000000000000000 demeg
super fest
shoots 1w478902 bolts

when ctluhtcluh is kild you activat ultra hard mode when evry mob has +52308352802350823 damage and it aspawns nev mobs for exmple flying demons dat pour lava over ur hous. dey hav 100000000000000000000 helth pls like and comment my sugeston
You don't even know how to spell Cthulhu?! you keep misspelling your speech and BAM!! you cannot even spell it as C-T-H-U-L-H-U !

Now lets continue with one of the Joke Suggests full of imbalance

never spawns naturally so you need a Darkened Skull which is made of 1 Ebonstone by your hand
Health: 122333444455555666666
Damage: 999999999999 (also shoots up to 10000 Flaming Skulls, summons Skeletron Prime, The Destroyer, and The Twins)
Defence: 122333444455555666666
Drops: Dbl. Broken Hero Sword (can revive the True Terra Night's Excalibur Starfury Enchanted Beam Tongue Mere Blade Breaker Edge), Staff of Overpower (Does 999999999 damage and consume 10000000 mana from you, shoots 1000 sword beams that pierce an enemy), Sniper Magnum Musket Onyx Revolver Ryder Revolver Gun MLG Rifle (does 13333337777777 dmg and makes microphone sounds+RainBowFrogs+Snoop Dogg+Doritos+Mountain Dew+sound of a girl saying "Oh my gosh"+makes your character wear sunglasses, shoots too many bullets), molten Daedalus Storm Phantom pulse Hallowed Vulcan Fury (shoots arrows doing 90000000 damage inflicting EVERY SINGLE DE-BUFF! EVEN STONE AND CONFUSION!), Cthulhu Armour (head: 12121212 defence (it has no eyes), torso: 36363636 defence, legs: 24242424 defence, set bonus: 500000000% raise to every weapons damage), also the drops are drastically reduced to 1/2500000000 so its balanced

the True Terra Night's Excalibur Starfury Enchanted Beam Tongue Mere Blade Breaker Edge:
does 9999999999999 damage
shoots too many beams (1000000)
crafted from 1 Dbl. Broken Hero Sword, 1 Terra Blade, 1 True Excalibur, 1 True Night's Edge, 1 Starfury, 1 Enchanted Sword or Arkhalis, 1 Beam Sword, 1 Blade Tongue, and 1 Breaker Blade at Ancient Manipulator
Terraria 1.2 and 1.3 content are now DLC for 20$ (you will be on 1.1 but will have +1.3 sprites)

New player difficulty (difficulties):
Super Ultra Death Hardcore mode!! when you die, then your world is deleted (same rules as Minecraft Hardcore)


Firing Golden Shower at a toilet causes the Wall of Flush to be summoned.
It looks like the Wall of Flesh, but brown and yellow. Instead of the Hungry, it has the Incontinent, which fire brown pellets at the player. The eyes fire Golden Shower and the "mouth" spawns brown balls that roll along like boulders.
the final boss will be my schoolmate (Abdul-Rahman), having as much health as the Expert Moonlord (and if as much, it's 100 billion times the health of said Moon Lord with its body parts combined), and can attack with a "loser deathray", "last place lasers", "true Eyes of Minecraft (he is a fan of Minecraft)" and etc, they deal Insta Kill Damage, and he can say "you are a (loser/hacker/last place/noob/...)" to the player (in both chat and with Gizmo's (from Teen Tians Go) voice, because that schoolmate is really EVIL when compared to others), and he drops the Sword of Minecraft (1 million damage, shoots diamonds and emeralds), the Diamond Pickaxe (1000% pickaxe power, breaks EVEN Lihzahrd and Chlorophyte ore in 1 hit), Minecraft Armour (1 million defence, with increased ALL CLASS stats, and the set bonus is eventually a lot of Minecraft Hacks) Diamond Axe (1000% axe and 500% hammer powers), and other drops, summoned by a Merchant Voodoo Doll trashed in lava, killing the Merchant and summoning AbdulRahman

item|Recipe|other info
Merchant Voodoo Doll|1
, 1
, 1
|summons Abdulrahman and Kills the Merchant


Slime Collector
The Covenant come and glass your planet in the Martian Madness event. They turn every single block, head to toe, to glass.


Official Terrarian
(For some reason, reading this post gives you the impression that the Guide wrote it...)

The Guide now gives players the Meownightmere, a weapon like the Meowmere except it's SUPER COOL AND AWESOME! :DDDDDDD

Yeah, I make my own games even though I dunno how to use a computer and teach video game design and I've played Terraria since 2004, I also beta tested it, when it first came out! and if you don't agree with my suggestion than you're stupid. :mad:
also my utube vids hav 851394861543761967145619465714965174567147956757961745761479567 thpusand subs and im cool
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Boss: Ajit Pai (Ocram):
50 million health
6x1111111 damage
420 defence
Drops: Soul of Memes (100% in quantites of 20-46), Ugandan Knuckles's(draconic)/Snoop Dogg's(titan)/Yoda's (spectral) set (1 piece with 11% drop chance), Memetic Arrow (100%, ~28), mask and trophy

Staff that knows the wae
Does 1 million damage
Summons Ugandan Knuckles to fight for you AND IT TAKES 5 SUMMON SLOTS!!!!!
Crafted from 10 souls of memes, 1 Lightning Aura Cane, 1 Ballista Cane, 1 Flameburst Tower Cane, 1 Explosive Trap Cane and 1 pygmy staff at mythril anvil

Ajit Pai's trident:
1500000 damage
Coated in venom
Crafted from: 1 cobalt naginata/palladium halberd, 1 mythril/orichalcum halberd, 1 adamantite glaive/titanium trident, 1 ghastly glaive, 1 gungnir and 20 souls of memes at mythril anvil

Ultra Terrible Blade (similar to the @Lord Garak's reqest of naming the Ulterra sword (my suggestion))
Does 1500000 damage
Shoots a Terra Blade at enemies
Crafted from 10 souls of memes, 1 cobalt/palladium sword, 1 mythril/orichalcum sword, 1 adamantite/titanium sword, 1 excalibur, 1 night's edge and a terra blade at mythril anvil

Sniper Crossbow:
1500000 damage
Shoots sonic speed Betsy arrows from hell (rising upwards)
Crafted from: 1 cobalt/palladium repeater, 1 mythril/orichalcum repeater, 1 adamantite/titanium repeater, 1 hallowed crossbow, 1 phantom phoenix, 1 aerial bane, 1 daedalus stormbow, 1 sniper rifle and 10 souls of memes at myhril anvil

Ugandan Knuckles/Snoop Dogg/Yoda armours:
50 million defence
Full set: (UG Knuckles) you can press DOWN to roll at enemies and deal 666 dmg, (Snoop Dogg) snipers/sniper crossbows make too much MLG memes if you wear sunglasses, (Yoda) control powerful enemies (like the pillars) and thr game turnd into Star Wars, with the lunatic cultist being Darth Vader, the guide as Obi-Wan, cultists and pillar enemies are being Storm Troopers
Crafted from (full set, you will need 1 class helmet each, not multiclass): full cobalt armour, full mythril armour, full adamantite armour, full hallowed armour, full chlorophyte armour, beetle(for UG knuckles)/shroomite(for Snoop Dogg)/spectre(for Yoda) at mythril anvil

Memetic Arrows:
1500000 dmg
Inflicts Meme Pwned (which deals 666 damage per second, reduces health regen, cannot be watered down, and it makes you stone blind (like the BlackOut debuff)), penetrates up to 696969 targets, shoots too much king harkinian's saying "mah boi"(from Zelda CD-i Games), and splits into 5 shrapnels
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