Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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The Buddy Suit!
Cab't go anywhere without it


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Heres my thing: THE FAN SET! What better way to say "Thank You" Than With THIS? :D Maybe it could be purchased by the Clothier after completing the game? I hope i did this right. Good luck to Everyone! :D Heres what its got! A Net Hat saying "Re-Logic", a T-Shirt that says "I <3 Terraria", with a tree, representing Terraria, and Pants and Shoes that have Day and Night, Slimes and Eye's and the Colours of the Pillars from the end of the game!
A White Hoodie! (dyeable)

The hood itself could either be part of the torso slot or seperated into the head slot. and it would be nice for the hood to go up and cover the player's head during rain and then the hood will go down if it stopped raining.

if for example the hood of the hoodie is part of the torso, then the hood will cover the head only if it is raining and there is nothing worn on the head slot.
and if the player is wearing a familiar wig then it is possible for the hood to still cover the head.

But if the hood of the hoodie is seperated into the head slot, then thats fine too. it will still cover the head during rain.

The design is pretty simple really, its an unzipped hoodie with black stripes on the near end of the sleeves and a plain white shirt.
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My entry is a take on the 90s bodybuilding fashion with dumbell print stringer vest, bright MC Hammer Flaired trousers, Headband and "Bro" Tribal Tattoo. When worn it could increase the size and shape of the sprite to indicate more musculature. Would be cool to see a reference to my favourite sport.

Chuckles the clown, There is no dedicated clown vanity set yet and I've always thought it would be a really cool idea. Good luck to everyone else designs!
P.S, i probably should have made the skirt longer. But other then that thats my only post drawn change

The Cheesewinner
Rat gang.
The mask includes the rat face and hat.
The chest armor includes a white shirt with a tied together brown short-sleeved leather jacket. Red gloves are worn.
The leg armor includes lighter brown leather pants with red boots.

A possible set shown in a gif, made with ArmorHelper by Mirsario. Proportions are a bit off I think, especially the head. Not perfect, but a decent enough representation.

Updated, better-looking gif.
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I am not much of an artist, but this is supposed to look like an antlion outfit. I really enjoyed my time dying horribly in the underground desert, and I always wished there was an antlion outfit. You can wear Fairy Wings with this to look like a swarmer.


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So my actual vanity idea its my handsome costume :]
First a simple Avatar of me.
Second the wings Called "Brick Storm" "Storm of Bricks"
uhm... thats all!, i known its short but if i get choosed i dont want the devs put too much details in my vanity.

Also Thanks, Thanks for creating terraria its my favorite game when i buyed it my mind was like "oh so this its 2D minecraft" when i played it my mind changed I feel sad about this.. the final update anyways i hope if u guys liked my vanity idea! :D
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I tried making a set sorry not that artistic and only my 2nd time making something 1st thing I made got messed up when saved sadly (was something else years ago I did). Sorry if it is small but I wanted to make something I been thinking would look like a nice color for armor If needed I can make weapons as well. If this does become something I would guess it would be made with gems of emerald and sapphire (I am colorblind so those are the closest colors I can think of) or to be gotten from some sort of drop bag/present. No need to I don't mind just wanted to share


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Cake Costume
In celebration of Terraria's last update, we should all be able to be the cake!


Costume features a headset which consists in a round multicolor smiling face with a cake candle on top.
Chest and legs are just normal body parts but instead of having normal color they have rainbow cake colors.
Cake candle pixels shine on the dark.

This vanity set could be obtained by purchasing it to the Clothier for 1 gold each piece, it can only be purchased on Terraria's anniversary, may 16.

PS: Amazing work everyone, there are some great ideas already and its only been 1 day, i wish y'all the best of lucks.
This is a very big thread so I'm sorry if somebody already submitted this, but

A set that makes you look identical to a mannequin.

EDIT: technically not my original work but it's something from Terraria itself, and I do, in fact, genuinely want this. This is not a joke submission.
This is my own design of a hoodie and leggings, The hood part is supposed to look like a shorter version of the Reaper Set you've made for halloween. The boots/socks are supposed to be white but could not draw them in white cause of background. The headpiece are a pair of headphones with my logo on them aswell :), Name for the set is DinkyPong's Set.dinkypong-profile_image-6938dc6b44d68845-300x300.jpegDinkyPong's Set.png
Scarecrow Armor.png

Here is my submission(Sorry for the large image)
It is called the Scarecrow Armor. All the shiny grey parts are some sort of tin, lead, or iron. I don't have much to add.​

Little Background:
This is based off on one of my characters in a Project I did in school during our Chemistry Class. I believe it was called "Stoicheimetric Heroes" wherein we were told to make a hero out of an element from the periodic table. I made a bunch, and decided hey, I think that's a good theme!

First, Head:
It's supposed to be a gas mask inspired by one of my characters Arsenic. I'm not really good with pixel art as you can see ^^||| But I hope its some what clear that it's a gas mask? Or maybe just a mask that looks awesome :3c

In the dark, the light green dots should give off a glow, similar to that of the Miner's helmet. I also thought that perhaps, it's be awesome if the glow would change if they were to dye it! I really think that I would wear this on my character with Yoraizor's spell (was it that??? I don't remember haha ^^||) so that my character would look epic at night.

Now for this, I based it off of my character Plutonium! I envisioned it to be similar to that of the Tax Collector's/Clothier's clothings wherein the tailend of the scarf(???) would like swoosh behind the character when they walk.

The symbol on the shirt is supposed to look like a radioactive symbol but once again, I suck at Pixel art, so go ahead and envision that whatever you like??? Morse code perhaps??? XDD

Finally, Legs:
Once again, this is based on my character XDD However, plot twist! I don't remember which character, and I lost their drafts/character sheets and now they're just memories in my head. :(((( I believe it's either Xenon or Nitrogen, and I forgot who I really gave it too. Oh well...

For the initial design, it's supposed to be blue and white with heels. Though I suppose that wouldn't fit the color scheme, right? So I changed it just a bit to fit in with the original palette. :3c

I thought of, if it would also be cool if those green dots would glow at night too! But maybe that would be distracting??? But anyways...

Hey! That's my entry! :DD
I also added in a picture of what they would look like when combined together - all three. Good luck to everyone else too!!! UWU


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the wasteland peacemonger
(sorry im not good with pixel art)
the head slots is a mask that cover all of head with the red skull on it + the long red horn
the torso slot make player more muscular and add the Pauldrons with fangs
the leg slot add a black Pants and boots (nothing special) but the big golden belt is in that slot

(i give it a second try this time was better)
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