tModLoader MoreAccessories+ v2.0

Discussion in 'Released' started by VVV101, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Skyfry428

    Skyfry428 Terrarian

    This mod apparently conflicts with Calamity's Celestial Onion, and will not allow you to have an 8th slot. Any fix?
  2. lightbowser1

    lightbowser1 Skeletron Prime

    I just ask drew he said that we cant have an 8th slot.
    if you need more help use jopojelly antisocial mod.
  3. the64thbittripper

    the64thbittripper Official Terrarian can get 3 extra accessory slots if you use the Demon Heart and Heart of Nature in Normal Mode? That's what I'm getting from the first post :/
  4. lightbowser1

    lightbowser1 Skeletron Prime

    legally without using cheatsheet accesories you can get a total of 7 slots.
    Edit:14 of you use antisocial mod, because it disables the social aspect on the slots.
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  5. VVV101

    VVV101 Spazmatism

    The game itself is not allowing to make more than 2 extra accessory slots. If you try to add 3rd in vanilla way, game just breaking. Antisocial mod, Wing Slot and Cheat Sheet are the only ways to make more.
  6. Rory333

    Rory333 Terrarian

    It's not adding the slots, even in expert hard mode... I can't even eat it.
  7. Mr.Peach774

    Mr.Peach774 Terrarian

    Could you change your extra slot to work like wing slot so that it can be compatible with the Celestial Onion? I know that there is no way Calamity will change how their slot works, but the more mods, the more accessories, and 8 slots, in a more balanced way (unlike antisocial) would be great.
  8. VVV101

    VVV101 Spazmatism

    Are you sure you right click it? As I remember, it could be eaten anytime.
    I could try, but it is really hard to understand UI mods for me.
  9. lightbowser1

    lightbowser1 Skeletron Prime

    you could ask abluescarab to understand how this works and give it a try.
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  10. vizthex

    vizthex Terrarian

    I agree with others, being able to get more slots as the game progresses would be epic, but Terraria limits it.
    Really cool mod though, one of my favs :D
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  11. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    Dont know if you are still working on the MoreAccessories+ mod, but i just wanted to share a small remake on the sprite. You can use it if you want =) HeartOfNature.png
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  12. VVV101

    VVV101 Spazmatism

    Looks like opened Plantera's bulb (I guess you got idea from it). I like it. At least, looks better than current variant.

    Upgrade v2.1

    - Upgraded to tModLoader 0.10.1.
    - New sprite by Logodum
    - Added icon for mod.
  13. leqesai

    leqesai Terrarian

    So the issue with this mod and calamity is that it overwrites the onion's functionality? I used the onion and it did nothing (having only used the expert mode demon's heart and no heart of nature).

    Is there maybe an issue with compatibility between this/calamity and the antisocial mod?
  14. VVV101

    VVV101 Spazmatism

    As I remember, Celestial Onion uses the same method of adding new accessory slot. So you should disable MoreAccessories+ to make Onion to work or just use the Heart of Nature. Dunno about Antisocial mod. There should be no issues.
  15. Peach Head

    Peach Head Steampunker

    update the page's sprite!
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  16. VVV101

    VVV101 Spazmatism

    Ooops, totally forgot about that.
  17. Vatan

    Vatan Terrarian

    the new accessory slot is nearly invisible, it still functions but i can't see the item or my defense.
  18. VVV101

    VVV101 Spazmatism

    You could disable zoom and map to see it. If your screen resolution isn't too small.
  19. A Person

    A Person Terrarian

    If you use the Heart of Nature, the Celestial Onion from Calamity will have no effect when it should give you an extra accessory slot.
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  20. lightbowser1

    lightbowser1 Skeletron Prime

    the game itself only can handle 7 accesories slots, the 7th slot was something that re-logic left on the game code but not "removed" so in short if you dont use this mod to get the slot the onion is the only way to get this 7th slot.