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My fears about playing anything but summoner.


Whenever I play terraria, I play summoner all the time, modded or vanilla. My greatest (terraria-related) fear is, I think, not playing summoner and then missing out on a cool weapon I haven’t used before or gleaning some new knowledge about weapons I use all the time. I once played a little bit of the Mod of Redemption, and the Druid class seemed interesting, but... there were like two summon weapons the mod added and I think I might have gone into cardiac arrest if I did not use them. Or I am just insane. Oh well.


You can always be a (ranger,melee,mage) with a buddy like me even though im a ranger i still like to have atleast one summon with me at all times. :D:D:D


I know outside of calamity you really aren't having any penalty for having summons with other weapons. One suggestion is that you can actually play a three way class using Old One's Army gear.

One suggestion (preferably on expert or master for more accessories) is that you actually run Dark Artist/Apprentice Armor. They allow a magic loadout with summons (since they buff both sentry and normal summons). You can run an Avenger Emblem, a Papyrus Scrab, Mana Flower, and then two other accessories of choice. I kept a summoning table with me, and I essentially had good magic damage, 3 summons (I brought a table with me), 3 sentries and I had a versatile arsenal of attacks
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