One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

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It's amazing how much work, and consideration is going into this! All these years after release, and still getting major changes to the world. The dedication is unparalleled! I mean a full code rewrite. Plus all the consideration to the console exclusive. It would have been easier just to write it all out, but they actually cared enough to do all this extra work! Terraria should win a best value award.... I need to go get a stack of ocram trophies. I always sold the excess. I am so unbelievably excited again!
Terrarists for Ocram!
Our goals:
- Not deleting Ocram
- Add Ocram for PC version
- Change Ocram if too mediocre


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What about Console/Mobile exclusive EVENTS? will they be removed as well, or added to PC? (looking at you Turkor and Lepis!)
What about Console/Mobile exclusive EVENTS? will they be removed as well, or added to PC? (looking at you Turkor and Lepis!)

If you can't figure that out for yourself after reading this post i don't know what to tell you lol

Mobile is a different thing, as the OP says. Turkor/Lepus/Etc are not Console.

We will cross the other bridge when the time comes - all hands on deck for PW focused on getting Console finished up.
Ok, but what about the console exclusive BANNERS? Will they still be included in the game as "Legacy Items", or will they be removed in their entirety?
Question regarding this aspect, for clarification are the banners the respective Console-Exclusive mobs drop being removed as well? I am assuming they are given the choice of the word "entirety", but just want to be sure. As a follow-up, will they be replaced in inventories, chest, ect. with one of the solid color craft-able banners?

Okay, I understand this, but will their respective banners be taken as well, or will they be included as "legacy items" tooo? I really want to know, as I have spent hours farming these mobs for their banners previous to this.

Little bit of mixed feelings with this but I definitely understand why this decision was made. I am also wondering about the banners from the mobs being removed or kept in the mobile or console.

It is my current understanding that the Console exclusive enemy banners are being left as "Legacy" items as well. No longer obtainable, but you can keep them as personal trophies if you have them :)
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