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Puzzle Portal Gun Puzzles 2: The Sequel

Discussion in 'Released' started by JereTheJuggler, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. ZeroEdgeir

    ZeroEdgeir Terrarian

    No real easy way to handle it. Just ignoring them should be sufficient, or take a second to trash em as you pick em up. I think it's a limitation of the game's engine, and not the designer of the map, at fault here.
  2. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas The Destroyer

    To be clear, I do not want to sound negative (because I really like what @JereTheJuggler is doing here), merely to offer constructive critique for possible improvements or fixes (so it can be more awesome). A feature of the original Portal games was when you seemed to go off-piste, so to speak. So I wasn't 100% I should throw away the extra items. Chippy glossed over this in his play-through, hiding them in his inventory.

    I don't see the issue as a fundamental game limitation; the beauty of Terraria is it's flexibility and scope, you just need to find work-arounds or alternatives sometimes. For another example, having those actuated walls close permanently via popping off the pressure plate is only one way of making a no-return point, and also an ineffectual one, unless you also make sure to release all past portals (i.e. go to the length of actuating all the portal-able surfaces in the last chamber). One could use 'ghost walls' (sloped inactive blocks against the passable side), or make the switches one-time activation only via a boulder relay, or etc, etc. I'm happy to brainstorm ideas. :)
  3. JereTheJuggler

    JereTheJuggler Terrarian

    The boulder thing is how I made the tiles below the pressure plates turn back on after the pressure plate turns them off.
  4. whyunodig

    whyunodig Terrarian

    dude, log in just to say this. you're :red:ing amazing. never thought you can do so much with such a simple portal gun. the map is simply amazing.
  5. JereTheJuggler

    JereTheJuggler Terrarian

    Thanks! I'm actually working on a new map right now that'll do the same but with wiring. ;D
  6. whyunodig

    whyunodig Terrarian

    make it bigger, with more tricks. i want to highlight the two i like the most: the one where you have to fill the tunnel with water so you can jump in, and the one you have to go into the dark back to previous point of the game to flip the switch. i like how you make the game blend with the colourful world of terraria , instead of the pale white of original portal game.
  7. JereTheJuggler

    JereTheJuggler Terrarian

    this new map isn't going to be another portal map. it's going to be completely different.

    also, thanks. you pretty much pointed out my favorite points of the map too
  8. plasmaton

    plasmaton Official Terrarian

    plz 3 part
  9. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    how the heck are you supposed to do the one with the frozen slime blocks?
  10. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    Frozen slime conserves your momentum, and jump distance.
  11. WhoAteMyCQQkie

    WhoAteMyCQQkie Terrarian

    a 2 player map would be awesome. using a small amount of wormhole potions and stuff like that
  12. Hiladar

    Hiladar Terrarian

    Man, you are awesome, great job.
  13. Sandwichapple

    Sandwichapple Terrarian

    Will you make more Portal Maps? They are so awesome! Love them so much already!
  14. JereTheJuggler

    JereTheJuggler Terrarian

    Not sure to be honest, but I have been thinking about it lately. I'm hesitant though, because it was getting pretty tough to think of level ideas when I was nearing the end of making this one, as well as the fact this map has received a small fraction of the attention the first one received despite putting about 10x more work into it, which doesn't bode well for the idea of making another sequel.
  15. Elder Sign

    Elder Sign Terrarian

    Just posted my first episode of my playthrough for this map. Amazing map!

    Architect likes this.
  16. Novate

    Novate Terrarian

    In two words... Great work! I've only put forward one straight play through so far so I'll try to be brief.

    This second map tested my puzzling skills a lot more and I had great joy trying to figure out the problems.
    When I finally figured out a working pattern, whether or not I did something intended or not I have no idea haha, it was satisfying!

    There were a few things I thought could be improved.
    One being visibility of the main switches, I had a hard time actually spotting them, specially after that first teleport to the dual mushroom platform room I stood there for about 5mins going... "Ok well I assume I need to boost myself up this vertical height due to room shape but I don't see anything"
    It was only by chance that when I boosted myself up there my cursor happened across the switch and changed icon that I was "Ohhhhhh... THATS IT!"
    Which was now fine since I was now looking for those damn switches but it could potentially have been highlighted better.
    One thing that can be used is using light or other symbol to show the player their current goal or changes in the puzzle situation as they progress. The hard part is balancing how much and when it is needed. Otherwise it can become a eyesore or too much information leading to confusion.

    Slightly related was the fact that after hitting those switches which had Blue lights that lit up to indicate you had activated them I feel could have a different color light than that of the blue portal shots, if only to fully separate the goal from the tool glow (I really got stuck on that first part and second guessed myself hitting that first switch alot ahah)
    I think I shot at this spot like 50+ times until I was able to land a portal, I think I may just be a terrible shot or need to play when less inebriated but whatever the case thought I'd mention it.

    Another spot of concern was when I went to grab the obsidian shield from the plaque.
    I ended up grabbing the shield, going through the portal and resting at the bed.
    Little did I realise I swapped my portal gun for the shield on the plaque and was now stuck! I had to load in a new portal gun from a map copy.
    Again probably my own fault since I haven't touched too much Terraria in awhile and did not know this was how that worked ahah.

    Not going to lie I can't remember which map it was in at this point but the surprise fall was a good addition that kept me engaged XD

    I did manage to find a secretive switch but didn't have any luck finding anything extra from hitting it, sadness TT
    I'll have to play through again sometime to try figure it out =)

    Overall I enjoyed this map thoroughly and was a great follow on to the first map both of which exceeded expectations.
    I know what it's like spending hours on end putting something together, especially without map edit tools to assist, and I am quite glad you put forward the effort to see these through.

    Again, sincerely thank you.

    p.s. If I had to put a vote towards something... co-op map? ;p
  17. sandvika

    sandvika Terrarian

    Just made an account to say I liked your Megadeth reference
    JereTheJuggler likes this.
  18. Derpygamer256

    Derpygamer256 Skeletron

  19. JereTheJuggler

    JereTheJuggler Terrarian

    By almost a year if by "it" you just mean making a portal map...
  20. The Epic Gamer

    The Epic Gamer Terrarian

    Capture 2016-08-16 20_22_24.png
    i was JUST about to suggest a secret here...