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A really, really random fact about me: I once built four tiny computers, each with a different RNG, and ran simple games like Nim on them. At the time I thoughtbelieved that they showed different playing styles. Now I realize I was anthropomorphizing simple, random behaviors.

When I say each of the four had a different random number generator, in truth only one produced truly random numbers. Three ran variously simple or sophisticated pseudo-random number generators, the sort that's used in nearly all software.

The fourth computer was connected to a hilarious Rube Goldberg machine made of a crudely repaired Geiger counter that reset a free-running binary counter whenever it detected an alpha particle. Since radioactive decay is completely unpredictable, unlike the random-seeming but in fact perfectly predictable output of a pseudo-random algorithm, that one machine out of all I've ever owned created and used truly random numbers.

Fun but pointless. It turns out being able to re-run a given sequence of pseudo-random numbers is too useful an ability to forego. I've never used a similar rig since, just depend on the Mersenne Twister and other cool RNG algos everyone else uses.

As one of my friends might say, "Ferrell's so literal-minded. You ask for random, she's gonna give you random."
-I am obsessed with Magic, so much that I basically wish I was every type of wizard/mage.
-I want to cover a good portion of my body with tattoos.

-I like the color black and blue, however black is the best colour in the world.

-I like music. A lot. Like really a lot.

-I HATE my hair even though everyone tells me it's nice etc. :red: it man.

-I use sarcasm almost all the time except when meeting new people (after a while I start again though).

-I love playing the guitar.

-I love going to the beach and love the sea in general, but I prefer it if it isn't crowded. Like at all. Just me and however I choose to come with.
I want to go to mars one day.(It's actually possible now.)

I always dribble a basketball when I go outside.

I live in the country.

I always have some random type of pain everyday.
I really like the combination of Mountain Dew and Oreos.
Do not under any circumstances try grape soda and Funyuns. It produces a taste sensation very much like the odor of a supermarket dumpster containing spoiled produce.

A fact about me? Hm. I have at all times at least two working antique microscopes within easy reach of my desk. Not terribly valuable ones, but nice nonetheless. One's from around 1915 and the other the mid-1950s.
I own 344 video games, including my steam library.
I got my junior black belt when I was 13.
That's all I can think of.
  • I dislike hypocrites
  • I like watching the animu and reading the mango.
  • I have over 1200 pictures of Kotobuki Tsumugi
  • In addition to that, I also have over 4000 pictures of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and over 1300 pictures of Pepe the frog
  • I don't care what gender someone is and am romantically attracted to any (excluding those made-up genders, because they're not real)
  • I don't care if you like My Little Pony or if you are a furry, as long as you don't shove it down my throat
  • I like to insult people ironically
  • My favorite video games are Team Fortress 2, Undertale, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User
  • Lately, I've been using SFM a lot to make posters of Team Fortress 2 characters and/or items
  • I color manga as a hobby
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updated mine a bit
-I loves cats and kittens very much.
-I'm allergic to dog, because I have bad experince with them.
-Even so, there's several dogs are running around in my neighbourhood, and one of my neighbour dog come and sleep at my house every night.
-I used to drink milk instead of water.
-I've started abandoned tv and it's stuff since I've got internet.
-I love nekomimi.
-And I likes furry.
-I have read all of these people facts and forget most of it.
-l'm an introvert person.
-My second hobby aside the internet is reading.
-Still learning about how to win in real life.
-I'm kind a guy who seem to accept almost everything except something I don't really like.
-Sometime I wonder why people dislike this song:
- Still very trans;
- Still very ace;
- Bilingual;
- Can read a bit of Russian;
- I draw;
- Also write;
- I like to play videogames;
- I like to solve puzzles;
- Kind of fed up with the world;
- Have a perfect colour acuity;
- Já disse que sou bilíngue?
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