IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)

(Currently, no. They do have anti-magic field maker things though, but they’re not really expecting to be having to use them yet.)

(Can’t really stick around though, so yeah)
Vex bumps into a ritual caster pacing about in the base, apparently on break from helping with the forcefield. The caster jumps and yelps as Vex is slightly imbalanced.
C: "...s-sorry."
"...don't you seem nervous."
C: "W-well...it's just..."
"With the enemy apparently...having more ability than we thought..."
"..I-I just worry that the forcefield m-might...not hold..."
"We withstood orbital bombardment from the Apprehension Forces without breaking a sweat."
C: "...b-but we don't h-have nearly the same...number of people..."
"That just means the forcefield won't last as long, not that it can't defend against the same kind of punishment."
C: "...s-still..."
"...just rest up. There's not a lot we can do about it at the moment."

The caster doesn't say anything for a bit, and then nods. Vex moves on.

H: <...right then...>
The human looks back at the vehicles down south, waiting...
Dark gets up and opens another storage portal in front of the wall behind him. Then he leans in, letting out a long whistle. Dark steps back as Fint swoops out of the portal, followed by a little white lizard of a dragon, which just crawls out.

“…right. The pheonix’s name is Fint, Lavin.”
Fint flies near the fire in the air, while the dragon climbs on Dark’s back to settle near the top of his head with Tiro.
“Meanwhile, the revitalization dragon’s name is Elia.”
“…and the spider lizard thing next to them is named Tiro.”

Dark then looks back at the portal, waiting for something.
<…where’s orby?>
(Well from me there's the Phoenix a short distance out from the city. Rune also isn't in any interaction at the moment. Tallix is available as well but he's somewhat further from the city. And Juniper also isn't involved in anything at the moment.)
(Also did anyone (i.e. most likely @Banana_T-REX ) ever respond to Tarrah and Kalvess flying to the centre of the city?)
(Apparently I kinda did already, but let me just make something that affects Kalvess and Tarrah more real quick...)

Kalvess just looks around during the flight.

Some builder mages are in the process of reinforcing the new central base with sheets of metal and constructing an inner wall.

Vex is just surveying her higher officers as they monitor the movements of their officers on a holo-reconstruction of Salreuna, still thinking.
Kalvess and Tarrah may notice some of the operatives on the ground of the city centre looking up at them, along with the base currently being worked on. Meanwhile, the wasp person from earlier would happen to be flying in the airspace nearby.
W: "HEY."
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