IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)

W: "Preetty much."

Slightly odd considering the evidence of a security detail below though...
And the fact the wasp also happens to be holding some kind of sceptre as a weapon.
W: "...to be frank, things you don't really want to get involved in."
"Pretty sure the sirens would mean more military vehicles on the way. Hence the security we have.”
The wasp flies back, almost like they’re preparing to defend or attack.
“Probably best for you to move along now before it gets too messy around here.”

This time, some ritual casters are already stationed near the perimeter of the city centre near where the sirens approach, guarded with another platoon. Likely some reshuffling of people around after the first conflict. One is already drawing up ritual circles in the ground and in the air around them.
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