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Razer Chroma Support



Thought that was a fan thing or something when you first posted that on your profile. But apparently it isn't! Looks bloody amazing.


Duke Fishron
I'm... Not sure if that is really a kind of news that needs this much spotlight but...
I'll show my support anyway for that...

Your Conscience

Official Terrarian
Hmmm... I'd just been thinking I need a new keyboard. Well now I would certainly consider the Chroma if I had that much money to spend on a keyboard.


Official Terrarian
Such a little feature yet it looks so badass, I love how it goes through a number of colors instead of just one, really good job !


Official Terrarian
I'm looking forwards to the update as a whole as always of course; but let's be honest, hardly anyone is going to give a monkey's about the functionality of some gentrified, light-up piece of tutt which does the exact same thing as any old keyboard - save for being 10-times the price.
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