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    Update 02 Jul 2016 10:35 AM UTC (-5:00) Eastern time

    -Fixed the multiplayer drop (plague from long ago)
    -Fixed the multiplayer life bug which render player invincible. (plague from long ago too)
    -Fixed exp give in multiplayer. (Plague from the start of porting this mod.)

    Update 07 Jun 2016 10:31 AM UTC (-5:00) Eastern time -484 downloads
    -Fixed heartless bug

    Update 06 May 2016 03:31 AM UTC (-5:00) Eastern time -470 downloads
    -Fixed life leech bug for non ranged
    -Fixed draw fps drop ( I hope at least )
    -Fixed damage while heartless ( I Hope too)
    -Fixed life regen adding old life regen value

    Update 05 April 2016 13:22 PM UTC (-5:00) Eastern time - 308 downloads
    -Fixed the build for the new tmodloader.
    -Added thrower stuff
    -Change melee damage through a lot of skills
    -Replaced healing circle
    -Replaced some life regen skills. (Next time more mana regen will be balanced too)
    -Every character will have a full passive (not stat) reset upon loading to have a chance for the reflecting changes.
    -Prepared respec call. Need to adjust things.
    -Tentative fix for negative skillpoints on level 1
    -Fast fix hp reset

    Update 23 Mars 2016 12:10 PM UTC (-5:00) Eastern time- 137 downloads (thanks guys)
    Update 21 Mars 2016 22:18 PM UTC (-5:00) Eastern time
    Update 16 Mars 2016 21:04 PM UTC (-5:00) Eastern time
    Update 14 Mars 2016 19:44 PM UTC (-5:00) Eastern time -41 Downloads
    Update 08 Mars 2016 21:49 PM UTC (-5:00) Eastern time - 170 Downloads
    Update 05 Mars 2016 23:05 PM UTC (-5:00) Eastern time - 63 Downloads
    Update 05 Mars 2016 00:33 AM UTC (-5:00) Eastern time 62 downloads

    Hi everyone. I am proud to bring you the port of my mod. It's upgraded from the last port I made in tconfig. Please check the tmodloader mod section.

    You can download the Beta mod. I renamed the file to txt so everyone can download. RENAME -------------Rockos ARPG.txt to Rockos ARPG.tmod--------------

    524 skill done in a skill tree web

    = Features. =

    -Level system for character advancement. Now farming monster is more rewardly.
    -Stat system to simule classes. Each stat affect their own set of effect on the player.
    -Giant web skill tree over 524 skill and more coming.
    -Revamped Life bar and Mana bar. Exp bar added.
    -Ui customizable.
    -Multiplayer support.
    -Easy stat set with the mouse or the numpad button.
    -Status screen for more advanced stat showed.

    -Combat text improved for the exp gain.
    -Compatible with any other creature mod.
    -Overkill system giving more xp.

    =Ver2.0 =

    -Added a skill tree.
    -Added new mechanic ENERGY SHIELD. Energy shield protect your life and auto regenerate. There is no way to regenerate the shield with items. It regenerates whenever you take no damage for a set time. Can be accelerated.
    -Energy shield appears over your health bar alway protecting it.
    -Added new mechanic LIFE TO MANA. It transfers all your life forever but 1 into mana. You now lose mana instead of health when being hit. At the price of halving your defense. Enegy shield continue to deplete before mana.
    -Added new mechanic DODGE. Dogde is the rate at which you just evade the damage. There is small bits scattered through the skill tree, and a big boost that halve defense but further grow the chance to not get hit.
    -Adjusted the stat gained per level and also the str,int,dex boost over your primary stat since now those stats get boosted by the skill tree.
    -Reduce the difficulty at level 1. Now you start at 75% damage instead of 50%.
    -Added class. Doesn't affect your character much. It only start you in a different place in the tree. If mage is choosen you have a starter spell. The tree is all accessible to all class. A mage start can go right into the warrio tree. Viceversa.
    -Added chance to not use ammunition in the skill tree.
    -Leech has a color bar so you know how much you leeched from your attack.
    =-The tree now provide boost for the following:
    =-Life regen,
    =-Mana regen,
    =-Potion power (boost the gain of the potion),
    =-Potion speed (potion fill in faster),
    =-Melee damage,
    =-Range damage,
    =-Magic damage,
    =-Melee crit chance,
    =-Range crit chance,
    =-Magic crit chance,
    =-Attack speed,
    =-Crit multiplier,
    =-Mana steal,
    =-Life steal,
    =-Specific spell,
    =-Energy shield,
    =-Move speed,
    =-Chance to not use ammo,


    2016-03-04_00002.jpg 2016-03-04_00004.jpg 2016-03-04_00005.jpg 2016-03-04_00006.jpg 2016-03-04_00007.jpg

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  2. DontEatSocks

    DontEatSocks Spazmatism

    Im glad to see it back! Hopefully when its more developed it could be N Terraria's competitor

    and that skill tree is sexy
  3. Lied71

    Lied71 Terrarian

    Hello, it's mod new than that in the mod browser? And thank you very mach.
  4. Okamijin

    Okamijin Terrarian

    I'm a sucker for RPG mods in Terraria, will test out and play with it! :indifferent:

    Also this mod seems to be inspired by Path of Exile?
  5. Rockos

    Rockos Terrarian

    Yup. Inspired by path of exile. Don't forget it's still a beta. Feature may be buggy a bit. Also the download attached here is the same as the one in the mod browser. I also want feedback. Damage hasn't be fully optimised. The exp count may not be right too. And since it's a port, I didn't test the multiplayer yet. I've been working on this since the end of january. Had to work out some code in the original for this to work.

    Edit: By the way, the skill tree may grow further. Everything is coded it's not an image. And 1 friend of mine is giving me his idea about what could get into the tree. Might end up over 600 depend on what he brings on the table. If you have concern for things misplaced or cluster that are useless, let me know. And I really need endgame feedback of melee vs ranged. I didn't play terraria since 1.1.2 and I heard that ranged is overpowered and no one want to use melee anymore.
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  6. Betailas

    Betailas Terrarian

    OMG! Really awesome mod! Don't need Terraria Leveled standalone mod anymoore!
  7. Seanicus

    Seanicus Terrarian

    how do i install this my with TmodLoader?
  8. Rockos

    Rockos Terrarian

    Copy the tmod file in your modloader folder. Or pick it through the mod browser directly into tmodloader.

    I'm on my workshift. I will try to update the OP as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
  9. Seanicus

    Seanicus Terrarian

    Thanks I figured it out when I loaded the game :)
    But I have a further question how do I use the level ReSpec?
  10. Aesir

    Aesir Terrarian

    Looks like a pretty amazing mod. I'll try it out when I have time c:
  11. Rockos

    Rockos Terrarian

    The respec level is not implemented as of right now. It's a feature I had in the old version where there was no skill tree. It will take some time to be effective in the game. I am also changing some variable in the save file. I will try to not screw your save. I will do some test on my side before setting up the new save. Once I put the new update I'll ask you to backup your player file. I will leave a reminder.
  12. ShuVi

    ShuVi Steampunker

    first of all, i like seeing this for 1.3 again.
    there is a small issue though. all the mobs added in 1.3 dont grant exp in the currect version
  13. Seanicus

    Seanicus Terrarian

    thanks for getting back to me soooooo fast :) this is a great mod :)
  14. Rockos

    Rockos Terrarian

    I am aware of that. I will fix that tonight after work. It's based on a different system and when the exp = 0 it should still take a formula to at least give something. I went to bed yesterday and I remembered the formula and had doubt it would work. I already have a fix for that. I hope it work.

    This is still beta thank you for testing.

    Edit: I really need beta tester ;) As a modder I try to pass more time on codding than playing. Thank you for your patience.
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  15. Oliverrook

    Oliverrook Terrarian

    Hey, pretty major graphical bug in the latest version: The character class screen shows up in both the character select screen, and in-game, covering most of the screen in light blue... so basically you can't see a thing except the bottom of the character's feet.
  16. AppCav

    AppCav Terrarian

    Yeah. This is destroying it.
  17. Rockos

    Rockos Terrarian

    Ok. But when you choose your class everything is alright? Because yes it forces you to choose a class to not forget. But I have to figure why it appear on the main screen. I will fix it tonight with the exp bug.

    Edit: By the way I just got home for a 12h shift and had to fold clothes and wash dishes. Leave me some time before the update goes live :p
  18. Rockos

    Rockos Terrarian

    Update 05 Mars 2016 00:33 AM UTC (-5:00) Eastern time

    I'm sorry guys but save will broke for the new update. Had to retouch it so it may not happen again. Please store item in your chest then delete your savefile and load it again.
    I'm so sorry.

    Update: Correction to xp. Should be right.
    -Correction to leech.
    -Correction to save file. Should be smaller and better organised. Will help when I add in new skill.
    -Correction to the skill window which will ask your choice the first time you open the skill tree.

    Updated the download and the modbrowser download.

    Edit: The multiplayer NPCLoot is broken. You will not receive xp. NPCloot never get called
  19. Bedroom-inc

    Bedroom-inc Terrarian

    I'm sorry for not understanding, but what are you apologizing for?
  20. Betailas

    Betailas Terrarian

    Yo! Dude, is there any level limits in the mod?