Important Social Group Thread/Post Moving Requests

Discussion in 'Forum Help & Feedback' started by Charmander27, Jan 12, 2019.

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    Hi, everyone. This thread is where you can post requests to get Social Group (SG) posts or threads moved to their respective and appropriate new homes as we prepare to phase out SGs for the coming forum updates.

    Not all threads will qualify to be moved, but all requests will be reviewed.

    For example, RP threads and posts will only be able to be moved to one or two thread entries. Other SGs might have their relevant discussion threads moved to appropriate non-SG areas if they fit the criteria, but it is unlikely that all threads and/or posts from a SG will have an appropriate home her on TCF.

    To request, post below with a link to the SG and detail out which threads/posts will need to be moved. Please give us some time to go through and get this done, as this may take some time to review and complete the move.

    Off topic posts here will be deleted to keep things in order and easy to keep track of. To discuss the SG phase-out process, please comment those types of things here.

    There is currently no set deadline for this, but please do request sooner rather than later to get any relevant threads moved while there is still time to do so.