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  1. Vin11

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    Is the executable truely safe? I was going to download it to play this weekend, but decided to do a quick scan with virus total and got one threat detected. Of course, I thought it was just false-positive, but than when I ran it through the hybrid-analysis, it came out as a malicious executable program with a threat score of 100/100!

    It is a ambitious project, but I am wary of running it due to the very general Disclaimers section on user information usage. Can anyone look into this please?
  2. darthmorf

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    We've had thousands of users download the mod with no issues. I can assure you that it is safe.
  3. ThePally

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    To be fair, lots of people doing it is no indication of anything.

    But the suspicions of the scanning website are about methods used by the launcher that can be used in certain patterns of malware, and can be explained to be legitimately used by the launcher.

    For example it can be alarming if a program immediately connects to the internet when launched, but with this program it is obviously necessary.

    Not saying the launcher is safe. It just absolutely most likely is.
  4. matt_is_bac

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    Ok, i'm having a problem wit the launcher. whenever i click play, it says this: system.dllnotfoundexcpetion: unable to load DLL 'CSteamworks': the specified module could not be found. (exception from HRESULE:0x8007007E), this was not the entire error, so if you need the entire thing just ask
  5. MokahTGS

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    Why do you require users to resign in to Steam through your launcher? Sorry, I'm only trusting Steam with my Steam credentials. Once this changes, I'd love to try your mod, but as it stands now, this is totally insecure.
  6. darthmorf

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    We use your steam ID for our authentication. The steam sign in window is steam's official third party sign in portal; we don't receive any of your login details as that is all handled securely by steam. Feel free to check the web request transmission source if you're not sure, but I can tell you that this is not malicious, and thousands of users have signed in with no issues.
    We do not plan to remove steam authentication.
  7. MokahTGS

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    Well that's too bad. While you might think your methods are harmless, I have to agree with others in this thread that these methods are suspicious and completely unnecessary. It sets a dangerous precedent, and opens up a lot of people to potential abuse. I also agree that just because 1000s of people are doing it doesn't equate safety or security. It's too bad, but I'll keep my Steam information private.
  8. darthmorf

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    That's completley fine! We're not forcing you to play the mod afterall.
  9. Nova Dee

    Nova Dee Spazmatism

    I liked this launcher. I hope that the project will develop.
    I have a questions:
    1. is it possible in the future to add the ability to run the same tmodloader by specifying the path?
    2. Will STW be translated into other languages?
    3. Will it be possible to create multiple characters? As well as a way to visually see their appearance online, right in the Launcher, without starting the game? (yes, I really liked your launcher :dryadpassionate:)

    p.s. Sorry if the answers to these questions have already been. I do not speak English and use the translation.
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  10. darthmorf

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    1) Sorry, not sure what you mean here
    2) Eventually I would like to see it translated - though we will need volunteers to help us!
    3) you will be able to create multiple characters eventually. I don't think you'll be able to see them in the launcher.
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  11. Nova Dee

    Nova Dee Spazmatism

    Google translator unsuccessfully translated my first question. But I wanted to show it in pictures. :dryadsmile:
    Idea concept :D
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  12. Flippi

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    March 8th, 2019

    Welcome to the first patch of March 2019! We've been hard at work putting the extra polish on Super Terraria World and tracking down some really nasty bugs.
    Going forward, we'll be trying to release a new patch every two weeks, regardless of how much we've been able to change.
    We hope that this consistency will help drive the overall quality of Super Terraria World, and give you players a better insight towards the development.
    We have exciting plans for the next few months, including the exciting conclusion to the Dryad's Distress Quest, so stay tuned!
    New Content
    In your adventures, you may come across some players wearing the brand new Founders Hat!
    This hat is a special reward given to Patrons who pledged before the Open Beta, as a sign of appreciation for their bravery and commitment in the early days of Super Terraria World.

    New players and characters should have fewer Tutorial Troubles as we've made a particular area more responsive.
    In Sivania, we've cleaned up a few spelling mistakes within the Temple of Ra quest log, and the Corrupt Cultists in
    Dryad's Distress should stop calling for extra reinforcements and running away from the battle.

    Bats and Bees should now cause less trouble for the unsuspecting player with lower health and damage,
    but we've given bees few new tricks, being both smaller in size and gaining the ability to fly through leaf tiles.

    We've taken out the ability to salvage arrows, which will result in much less clutter on the ground, but unfortunately make your arrow supply dwindle quite a bit quicker.
    We'll be looking at more interesting ways to preserve your precious ammunition in the future, but for now you'll want to craft some extras!
    Spears have been the obvious choice in terms of raw damage output due to their ability to strike multiple times, so we've
    had to change them to strike enemies fewer times overall. We still like the idea of landing multiple hits with some well timed spear attacks,
    so the well practiced spear slingers should still be able to get in an extra strike or two.

    • Improved the "Missing Tile Data" error text
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when drawing projectiles
    • Fixed a bug that caused local ore nodes to be different than the ore node on the server
    • Certain buffs will no longer persist through death, resolving several sound-related issues.
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  13. MatixIsAMittu

    MatixIsAMittu Terrarian

    halp me pls.
    installed stw and did the installation and whatnot, but when it was supposed to prompt me for steam, it opened a window with a white screen
  14. Flippi

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    Mar 22nd, 2019

    Welcome to the second patch of March 2019!
    This is our first step towards a consistent release cycle, and a good showcase of the caveats of that.
    There is no new content with this release update, and only a couple minor bugfixes, which we know will come as a disappointment.
    While we have some amazing content in the pipeline, unfortunately we've gotten a bit side tracked these past few weeks.
    We are deciding to go forward with this release to enforce our cycle, and to maintain communication and transparency with you all.

    So what happened?
    After being hit with our Server bill from February, we realized we were way over cost.
    In order to sustain open server development, we had to prioritize getting these under control.
    We sent a lot of data in February. A LOT. Which is awesome, because it shows how much people were playing!
    We made a design decision to be a bit 'dumb' about how we send this data early on so that we'd have a better time understanding it as we developed.
    There would always be a day where we'd have to be smarter about how and what data we sent, and unfortunately that day is today.
    Hopefully the re-architecture will go smoothly and we'll be able to start back up our normally scheduled development really soon.

    Stay tuned and thanks for being patient with us!
    - The Super Terraria World Team

    Bug Fixes
    * Added a ping checker, which you can already see demonstrated on the Launcher.
    * Fixed a bug where players would not gain the appropriate amount of mana when leveling up Magic.
    * Fixed a bug where players would receive way more xp than expected.
    * Fixed a bug that prevent consumable items from being used when they were selected with the mouse.
    * Finally found the keys to lock some doors that were meant to stay closed in Sivania.
    * Fixed a typo in the Old Hermit's Dialogue.
    * Fixed a typo on the Splash Screen
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