Short Story [Taking Requests] My take on the lore of Terraria!

About the player, if that hasnt already been said.

about the planet - is this earth? it has a sun and a moon, but the creatures are different.

~ Doom0​
Can you do the frost moon and world boundaries
Can you write about slimes that serve King Slime plz
That will be covered under King Slime, but I'll do one on Slimes themselves as well.
Suggestion: story behind generic.
What's generic?
I would like to see one about how the mushroom biome and how truffle along with is mobs came to be. Why do they get so big? How do they gain consciousness? Why do they attack us?
Sounds good!
About the player, if that hasnt already been said.

about the planet - is this earth? it has a sun and a moon, but the creatures are different.

~ Doom0​
I'll do Terraria for sure, about the player, maybe, but in my opinion your character's backstory is something that should be left open for interpretation, and in my case my player's story is being written in The Chronicles of Terraria.

As for all of these, a reminder that since I'm working on the CoT, none of these will be worked on, at least for awhile.
why does the player go on shattering the very barriers that protect them? is it mere lust for power, or something more noble.
Okay, here's one that doesn't relate directly to terraria, but rather to your lore...

What the heck was the Shadow War, and what happened during it?
We only have 4 categories, but it's already pretty obvious that it was very formative in Terraria's history.
Hey guys! These threads are semi-common, but I wanted to make my own! I'm going to be taking requests for short stories explaining about a particular aspect of Terraria, for example the Lost Girl, the Terra Blade, or Cthulhu. Request away, and I'll get writing!

Current Stories:

The Terra Blade is the legendary weapon of the Paladin of Purity, forged in the Shadow War alongside the other great weapons of the Biome Paladins. This blade was created by taming the might of light and darkness into one, pure form. Those blades, the Night's Edge, the blade of eternal darkness forged with the elements of shadow, water, grass and fire, and Excalibur, the weapon of ultimate light, were wielded in their True forms by the Paladins of Corruption and Hallow. However, against all odds, the secret methods of forging these weapons was discovered by the Paladin of Purity, and the Terra Blade was born.

The Terra Blade is one of the few weapons in existence that is able to stand a chance against Cthulhu, and its might was essential in the final battle of the war. When the Paladin of Purity was defeated by the Dreadknight (Paladin of Corruption), the mighty blade was shattered, leaving only 2 broken remnants, reclaimed by a colossal moth and her followers, who only rise from their ancient caverns during the dreaded Solar Eclipse. As it is written in the Prophecy of Hope, the Paladin of Purity will use the broken remains of his ancient weapon to calm the mighty weapons of Light and Dark, and reforge the mighty blade to purify Terraria once more.

The land of Terraria was once populated by many sapient races, but the most well known of them all were the Terrarians. Over time they conquered many of the forests, snowy wastelands and deserts of the world, under the fair rulership of their King and Queen, Redigit and Cenx. The peace couldn't last however. In time, Cthulhu broke free of his ancient chains and plunged the world into its darkest time, the Shadow War. Humanity, and all the races of Terraria, were almost completely annihilated. A deadly and vicious plague ripped through the land, transforming many into horrific zombies. But the worst was yet to come, as the dark magic of the Corruption gave life to the dead themselves as vicious skeletons. In time the forces of the Paladins won over Cthulhu, but Humanity never recovered. Very few humans still live, and most have been transformed into a vast array of undead monstrosities.

Zombie - The most common form of Undead, Zombies are also the weakest of the undead, and usually were once peasants or other simple people before they turned. They do come in many varieties though, zombies that turned while wearing their rain coats tend to rise while its raining, occasionally slimes will leap onto the heads of zombies to catch a ride, former Eskimo people of the snow biomes are common their, in mushroom biomes it is common to find zombies controlled by parasitic spores, zombies dressed in costumes appear around the rise of Halloween, and zombies in festive wear are spotted around Christmas

The Groom - A zombie who turned during his wedding, this zombie, equipped with a stylish top hat, rises during the deadly Blood Moon.

The Bride - The Bride transformed during her wedding alongside her husband, The Groom. Together, they rise during the horrific Blood Moon.

Doctor Bones - Once a well known Archeologist, Doctor Jones vanished during a daring expedition to find survivors of Cthulhu's attack on the Lihzahrd. He never returned, and it is rumored that to this day he searches for the temple, looking to complete his final expedition.

Angry Bones - Resurrected warriors that serve their master, Skeletron, and guard the deep reaches of the Dungeon.

Dark Caster - These skeletons were once powerful Terrarian sorcerers, but were banished from the kingdom due to their practice of the dark arts. Many journeyed to the ancient dungeon to serve Skeletron, Cthulhu's right hand man, but were slain, and resurrected as these weaker Dark Casters. A select few however, managed to conquer Death itself, and became known as the dreaded Necromancers...

Mummy - Terrarians who once lived within the great desert nation, they died and were buried in the Terrarian's mighty pyramids. However, the plague reawakened them, cursed to wander the sandy wastes forever. Some deserts, overtaken by the Corruption, Crimson or Hallow, have transformed these mummies into beasts of Darkness and Light respectively. These Light and Dark Mummies are rumored to be lead by those who were once Pharaoh's, the Shadow Mummies and the Spectral Mummies.

Armored Skeleton - Once warriors in the Terrarian army, these undead were sealed in ancient caverns when the Guide sacrificed his own soul to create the Wall of Flesh, sealing away the spirits of Light and Dark. When the Paladin of Purity defeated the Wall, these warriors were unleashed to wander their caves once again, some equipped with the rare and deadly Beam Swords...

Skeleton Archer - Once rangers, some hunting in the wilds, some serving alongside the warriors of the Terrarian army, these skeletons were locked away following the creation of the Wall of Flesh alongside their Armored comrades. They too were released, and a select few wield the deadly bow known as Marrow.

Frankenstein - An experiment by a long dead scientist gone horribly wrong, these monsters only come into the light during the dreaded Solar Eclipse.

Fritz - The first of these creatures was once assistant to the scientist who created the beast known as Frankenstein. Fritz was attacked by the beast and infected, and now the Fritz rise from their ancient caverns during the Solar Eclipse.

Swamp Thing - The first of these creatures was once a genius Terrarian scientist who hoped to create a perfect plant/animal hybrid. However, he himself was transformed into a horrific monstrosity, and in the long forgotten caverns where the Solar Eclipses monstrosities dwell, the Swamp Things have reproduced on an enormous scale.

Vampire - Undead creatures that feast on Terrarian blood and can transform into bats, these creatures serve their Count, Dracula, and only rise during the feared Solar Eclipse. It is said they can only be slain with a wooden stake.

Eyezor - Eyezor is a unique beast, and his origins are much disputed. Some say he was once a living cyclops, others say he is a genetic mutation of a zombie fusing with a demon eye. Whatever the case, Eyezor is feared as one of the strongest of the creatures that come out during the Solar Eclipse, devouring brains and shooting deadly laser beams from its eye.

Blue Armored Bones, Rusty Armored Bones and Hell Armored Bones - These armored warriors were each once part of three warring nations of Terrarians, who were defeated by the forces of the King and Queen and banished to the Dungeon. Even after death they continued their horrific war, until Skeletron himself sealed them and their forces deep within the Dungeon. After the great explosion of magical energy that was produced when the Paladin of Purity defeated Plantera, these skeletons were released from the depths of the Dungeon, and finally stopped their feud to defeat the one they all hated, the Paladin of Purity.

Necromancer - Feared members of the Order of Necromancy, these elite skeletal spellcasters have mastered Life and Death themselves, using their revered and feared Shadowbeam Staff's to wreak havoc on all that opposes them. The Order serves the Marching Bones faction, but like all in the dungeon have united with their enemies against all who dare enter.

Ragged Caster - Members of the Ragged Brotherhood, these feared sorcerers use the power of their ancient Spectre Staff's to decimate all who dare challenge them. The Brotherhood servers alongside the Rusted Company, but as they all have, the Casters set aside their feud to wage war against the surface world.

Diabolist - Members of the Diabolical Order, these elite Diabolists serve the Demon King, and fight alongside the Molten Legion in order to claim the Dungeon for the Underworld. Wielding the Inferno Fork, they sew seeds of chaos with their unmatched fiery magic, but as with the rest of the Legion have been forced by the other two factions to unite against the Terrarian.

Skeleton Commando - Rocket Launcher wielding demolitionists, these arsonists serve the Molten Legion, and take no prisoners.

Skeleton Sniper - These elite marksmen serve the Rusted Company, and their accuracy is unmatched throughout the three factions.

Tactical Skeleton - Once elite SWAT commandos serving the King, these undead joined the Marching Bones while they still lived, and now with their Tactical Shotguns are feared for their deadly calm precision.

Bone Lee - Once the beloved actor and deadly warrior Bruce Lee, he journeyed to the dungeon to test his mighty skill. He never made it out, and now roams the dungeon, fighting with deadly power.

Zombie Elf and Elf Archer - Once peaceful elves working alongside the kind Terrarian Santa Claus, giving gifts to children for the holiday's, they were killed and resurrected as zombies when the Ice Queen took control of the Northern Snowy Forest, where Santa resided.

Undead Miner and Vampire Miner - Following the outbreak of the zombie plague, many Terrarians escaped into the caverns beneath the surface, building underground cabins and surviving in small communities. The forces of darkness found them though, and now they wander as undead skeletons and horrific vampires.

Undead Viking and Armored Viking - Once, Vikings roamed Terraria's snowy wastes. They too were decimated by the plague, and now live on deep underground as undead warriors

Tim - Tim was once a powerful enchanter, spellcaster and wizard who trained under the great Rune Wizard and served the King, Redigit. However, after years of service Tim began to feel the lust for power. He hated Red. He attempted to burn the castle in a fiery death, but he was captured and executed. The Rune Wizard, reawakened the plague, gave life to his old apprentice, so that he could continue his rain of terror, reclaim the ruins of the old castle, and kill all the bunnies.

Rune Wizard - The Rune Wizard was a sorcerer of unfathomable power and skill, who lived in solitude far from any civilization. Unfortunately, his home was near the Dungeon, and the cold, seeping darkness of Skeletron corrupted his heart soon after he trained his only apprentice, Tim. The Rune Wizard journeyed deep into the dungeon, and was ordered by Skeletron to assault the kingdom. The Rune Wizard worked with Tim to slay the king, but they were executed together. The Rune Wizard however was resurrected by Skeletron's dark magic, and after giving new life to his old apprentice, the two journeyed into the caves to raise an army and study the dark arts.

Ghoul - Once human inhabitants of the deserts of Terraria, they went insane due to the plague and journeyed deep into the underground caverns of the desert, where they completed their horrific transformation. Some have been possesed by spirits of light and dark, creating the Vile Ghouls, Tainted Ghouls and Dreamer Ghouls

Hoplite - Once proud warriors of an ancient human civilization who's accuracy with a spear was unmatched, when their empire fell to the plague they became undead gladiators, doomed to wander the underground remnants of their once mighty kingdom.

Blood Zombie - These zombies, drenched in the blood and flesh of their victims, are horrifically maimed and scarred. They rise during the Blood Moon, to quench their thirst for blood and death.

If the Corruption is the embodiment of darkness, and the Hallow the embodiment of light, then the Crimson is pure chaos. In the final battle of the Shadow War, when the two gods of Light and Dark clashed in their physical forms, they destroyed each other. The god of Light's remains ascended into the heavens, which now shower upon the Earth as fallen stars. The god of darkness, Cthulhu, however, exploded violently, scattering his remains across the battlefield. From the being of ultimate evil, ultimate chaos was born. The Brain of Cthulhu, insane with chaotic powers, took command of the Crimson, and to this day it bleeds across the land, an enemy of all, even darkness itself. It is unknown if a Paladin of the Crimson exists, but due to the existance of the weapons known as the Vampire Knives, it is likely that the Brain of Cthulhu infected the mind of one who it thought worthy.

The Crimson is inhabited by a vast array of horrific creatures, many of which were once parasites within Cthulhu itself. They are as follows, be warned that many of them are incredibly dangerous, and due to the chaotic nature of the Crimson will kill anything they can that's not Crimson itself.

Blood Crawler - Enormous ticks that once lived within Cthulhu, these chaotic beasts feed on the blood of those they kill, and are commonly found creeping across the walls of the Crimson's caverns. Due to their hivemind nature, it is possible that a Blood Crawler queen exists somewhere in the Crimsons depths. Such a monstrosity would surely be a force to be reckoned with...

Face Monster - Once humans infected by one of the numerous deadly parasites that dwell within the Crimson, these beasts have freakishly large mouths, and roam across the surface of the Crimson, attacking all who dare enter. They are well known for their terrifying roar, striking fear into the hearts of even the bravest warriors.

Crimera - These creatures were once Eaters of Souls who fought for the armies of the Corruption. However, the initial blast of Crimson infected many, creating the first of the dreaded flying beasts known as Crimera's

Herpling - An unusual, slug-like creature with a peculiar eye stalk, these creatures slither across the ground of the Crimson. They, along with many other Crimson beasts, were sealed away when the spirits of Light and Dark were trapped within the Underworld.

Crimslime - An enormous hulking slime monstrosity, these were once slimes infected by the parasitic creatures of the Crimson. They too were locked away alongside many other Crimson creatures, but are still feared as one of the most deadly slimes in existence.

Blood Jelly - Once Jellyfish living peacefully underground until they were infected by the Crimson, Blood Jellies are deadly creatures, surviving in the bloody water of the Crimson and Ichor ponds alike. These were also imprisoned in their ancient caverns following the defeat of the spirits of Light and Dark.

Blood Feeder - Pirahna's and Goldfish infected by the Crimson, these vicious creatures were locked away with the Spirits, however they are still feared for their pack hunting mentality, draining blood from their pray and leaving not even bones in mere seconds.

Floaty Gross - It is thought that these creatures, sealed away in their forgotten caverns, were once humans trapped in horrific Crimson cocoons, where they eventually merged with their hosts. Now, they wander the caverns of the Crimson, locked away by the Wall of Flesh, dripping blood for eternity.

Ichor Sticker - One of the most deadly Crimson beasts, these squid-like creatures, once elite warriors of Cthulhu, have adapted to life in the Crimson's caverns, using the blood of Cthulhu as a deadly weapon. They, along with many of their kin, were sealed away following the end of the Shadow War.

Chaos Mummy - Whereas the deserts overtaken by the Corruption and Hallow produce mummies of Light and Dark, the deserts of the Crimson give birth to the Chaos Mummies, beings of pure wrath that know only death.

Crimson Axe - It is said that the weapon of a warrior who falls to one of the three plagues will live on in service of its destroyer. The Crimson Axes are living proof of this, enchanted, bloodied weapons of long dead warriors, sealed away with their kin by the Wall of Flesh, desperately seeking heads to chop.

Crimson Mimic - A Mimic, infected by the Crimson, these enormous creatures are very rare, but hold immense riches and loot within.

Brain of Cthulhu - The true mastermind of the Crimson, when Cthulhu's physical body was destroyed one of his eyes and his brain took a mind of their own. The eye was possessed by a small fragment of Cthulhu's soul that wasn't sealed away by the Wall of Flesh, and roams the surface serving the darkness. The brain however, became chaotic and mad, consumed by power and rebelling against its own body, retreating deep into the caves of the Crimson. There it lurks within its paradise, alongside an army of creeping eyeballs from various owners, waiting for foolish prey to wander into their doom.

Goblins are a barbaric and cruel race, one of the original races created alongside the world itself by Gaea, alongside the Terrarian's, Dryad's, Merfolk and Lihzahrd. They hail from a different continent far to the west of Terraria, where they are ruled over by their Emperor, also referred to be some as High Chieftain. Within this far off land they rule, the Corruption, Crimson and Hallow have little to no presence, and the world is almost completely lush forests. The goblins themselves are short, often four to five feet tall as adults, and usually live to around 70 years old, similarly to Terrarians. However, not many do, as the nature of Goblins is to kill off the weak, the old and the sick, so that only the strongest among them survive. Goblins have various skin colors, usually ranging from a light blue to green. While most goblins who join the army (almost all) are crude barbarians, warriors, scouts, thieves and rangers, a select few goblins are born with magical abilities, trained from birth by the most powerful goblin sorcerers and summoners. They train in the vile arts of shadowflame, a magical flame born of shadows and corruption. These goblins often lead armies of Goblins, and a powerful Goblin Summoner serves the Emperor himself. A very, very small amount of Goblins are more intelligent then their kin, and tend to become inventors and tinkerers. These smarter goblins are often looked down upon by other goblins, and usually keep to themselves.

Goblins have various relationships with the creatures of Terraria. Many goblins train slimes as mounts and workers, and many slimes are used by merchants to carry goods on their back, or even inside them. Beyond slimes however, goblins mostly hunt animals for food and sport, and are just as much a foe of the forces of light and dark as most of the other races, although they are occasionally influenced by Cthulhu, and it is rumored that the High Chieftain may be a puppet of Cthulhu himself. As for the races of Terraria, Goblins are hated enemies of all, and are usually killed on sight. Likewise, goblins kill any non-goblins who dare to set foot in their homeland.

Goblins and Terrarians have a long and dreadful history. Before the Shadow War, before Red and Cenx even became king and queen, the Goblins and the Terrarians were locked in a horrific war. Not many remember how it even started, some say it was over money, others claim that one of the factions attempted the assassination of the others leader, still others claim that Cthulhu influenced the goblins, feeding on their hatred of the other races and twisting it until they were ready to march to war. The war lasted for years, until the battered and defeated Goblins returned to their homeland a broken race. The goblins stayed out of the Shadow War, but although they were much less powerful then their great empire had once been, they still seethed with rage and dreams of vengeance. Since the Shadow War met its end, the Goblins have began making preparations, ready to wipe out the remnants of the Terrarian race once and for all.


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why the actual, playable character is here
The Lunatic Cultist and it's followers!

How Plantera comes to be!

Why is the Muramasa locked away in the dungeons

What happened to the Old Man in front of the dungeon.
What about some lore behind demons and why there aren't any hybrid demons (for example, half demon half Terrarian)
I personally don’t like the theory where the crimson is Cthulhu’s dead body because A) he can’t die B) he’s not technically a god, he’s just the eldest of a species that lived in earth before humans existed. He’s basically the babysitter for his species until all of them wake up (deal with it I actually know a speck of the lovecraftian mythos unlike pretty much everyone else on this planet.) and C) looking at him too long makes you die from insanity or fear. Literally.
Ok, as I have written a 16-page book about Terrarian Lore, I am impressed. I think it's great you used the incorporation of Gaea, but she prefers her Ancient Terrarian name, Terra.
(Ancient Terrarian is loosely tied with Ancient Roman.)
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