Terraria Comic Book from DC Comics is Here!

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Kazzymodus

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    I think it's funnier that the protagonist is virtually naked. But perhaps I'm just too prude.

    Also, a 1.3 MB PNG... my poor PC.
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  3. basicguitar

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    how does this response contribute to the thread in any way

  4. samufinland

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    The cover looks great! It looks nice, has a nice style of old comics and is actually pretty accurate!
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  5. MinieK

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  6. Loki

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    Sorry about that. Trust me, your connection cannot be worse than mine....so I feel your pain. :p

    As @Tunnel King noted, we are checking with JW on this. Stay tuned.

    No idea why it does that. When I pull the link from TRU homepage, it goes to BRU....same store though, so /shrug. ;)

    Creative License. @Redigit was involved in everything from the art selection to the plot design - so I would say it winds up being pretty authentic in the end, albeit with a few necessary artistic departures. We are all extremely happy with the final result.
  7. samufinland

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    Expect this. That detail isn't that accurate
  8. MinieK

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    Will this be avaliable somewhere in Sweden, or do I have to order it? c:
  9. ahamling27

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    Instabuy! I totally picket up the Hallowed armor figure as well. ;)
  10. Evilgrapez

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    It's because Terraria's for babies
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  11. Gmayor61

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    there's an animated series on
    YouTube. Granted its an abomination in basically every aspect except for animation smoothness but there's that.
  12. Grand Paladin Tyrux

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    Holy :red: o.o Was not expecting that.
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  13. Redigit

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    Other than the yoyo, this is my favorite piece of merch we've done so far. I am super excited about how it turned out. This is exactly how I see the lore of Terraria to be.
  14. Hexagon

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    Idk whether to jump up n' down for joy, or weep at the fact that I won't be able to read/afford it.

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  15. As much as I want to say I'll get this, I'm still super weary about it after the hilarious disaster that was the "Animated Series".
  16. Matsu

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    Any one else getting a Link to the Past vibe from it? You know the strategy guide that came with a comic? Just me...and Leinfors...okay.

    For sure buying this when possible.
  17. Leinfors

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    For what its worth, the animated series was a free-to-watch youtube series created by JazWares. This seems to have been written by Relogic and DC Comics, so . . . a 100% different group of creative talent here.
  18. XaeonBE

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    If this gets a digital version I might buy it :p
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  19. James Harrow

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  20. XaeonBE

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    I was thinking the same :p