Terraria: Labor of Love is Out Now!

I've been asking really hard for the option to disable the quick trash! Thank you for implementing it in 1.4.4!
And thank you for all the years of support for the game! Terraria is more fun than ever!
Has mobile come out yet?
It's been released to the platform stores, that's all Re-Logic can do on their own. It's up to each platform to manage how they push it out from there.

I just checked my (android) phone, the update is there. You should see it soon.
I seem to remember there being a new 1.4.4 server… also, what is the seed for don’t dig up?
I'm liking the additions here. Especially glad to see Duke Fishron buffed, as I felt he went down a little too quickly with post-Golem gear.
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