Terraria State of the Game - December 2023

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Why does it say Dec 18 despite it git published Dec 31?
Because it generally takes a few days to get the contributions from all parties (Discord, TmodLoader team). The outline is begun in a private section of the forum and gets edited several times to put it all together. The date on the thread is when it gets created.

The holiday season likely cause some delays for this month, but this occurs every month, if you'll look at the dates on previous SotG's
This was an amazing SotG! What a great way to finish off the year! Here are some things I noticed that I don't think anyone has pointed out yet...

Fairy logs, Life Fruit, and Shadow Orbs are all placeable.

This new tool that will allow us to place stalactites and stalagmites is called the Mitey-Titey (very clever name).

This is probably just Yoraizor's Terraprisma color, but basic dye might become more effective at dying the Terraprisma (if not please give this to us Re-Logic).
Thanks for pointing this stuff out! I wasn't able to tell anything but the Mitey-Titey, and I didn't know what it was called or what it did.
...curious, are they spoiling that 1.4.5 will have a feature similar to the "WeaponOut" Mod [Player is holding their equipped Weapon], or is this just a clever placement trick and such?
weapon_out 01.08.2023.png
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