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Terraria State of the Game - July 2019

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Jul 19, 2019.

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  1. Ender83

    Ender83 Terrarian

    I am happy to know my Galaxy J6+ will run smoothly the game! #hype
  2. The Real Bryan

    The Real Bryan Skeletron

    Probably even longer than 2 years, especially considering how much missing content is left even after arrives. My only one tip to everyone here is to stay patient, because it’s about to pay off! ~;)

    ASHIDA Terrarian

    I have no expectations for journeys end...I know 1.3 for mobile will establish a new foundation for journeys end. So im not really thinking about it
  4. Cyberra

    Cyberra Skeletron Prime

    So we might get 1.3.2-1.3.5 sooner than next year??
  5. Empty air sandwich

    Empty air sandwich Terrarian

    I imagine that little insistence that the new boss is "female" and pretty without simply directly describing her as a woman maybe might be implying that the deal is that she's not a HUMAN, like if she was a plant goddess person higher than the dryad, or a fairy, maybe looking something like Lillymon from digimon
    I'm not gonna jump and assume it has to come after Moon Lord just because it's new. It could be an unrelated boss you summon in the hallow for all we know

    But is she something specific related to the 1.4 story now? Hmm:dryadsmile:
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  6. True Excalibur

    True Excalibur Terrarian

    Supreme Calamitas lol
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  7. Phoenix798

    Phoenix798 Skeletron Prime

    I think that the Android is being beta tested by DR studios and relogic
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  8. The Real Bryan

    The Real Bryan Skeletron

    Correct! It’s being tested internally. ~:)
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  9. Skadoodle

    Skadoodle Official Terrarian

    they do said that the android version is ganna be tested internally... just like before... they will test the game but only theyre staff members.. cuz they dont want a different release date of mobile 1.3 on both platforms just cuz of the potential leaking of the app..
  10. The Real Bryan

    The Real Bryan Skeletron

    If the leak were to be exposed, then pure chaos would ensue, and nobody wants that! ~;)
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  11. Danik123

    Danik123 Terrarian

    Of course. In August or early autumn
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  12. BattleDragon45

    BattleDragon45 Slime Collector

    The new boss better give me a bad time.... and have a remix of megalovania.
  13. Ilmarinen

    Ilmarinen Santa-NK1

    Well there are those solar cultist sprites that never got implemented so maybe.
    I can't wait.
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  14. Blue_M4ge

    Blue_M4ge Spazmatism

    -New female boss
    -Bullet hell

    *Gets Supreme Calamatas flashbacks*
  15. Nine

    Nine Terrarian

    Death mode supreme calamatas or even just revengence mode would be awful.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 21, 2019, Original Post Date: Jul 21, 2019 ---
    Remembering wise. It would be pretty difficult if it was something like that.
  16. XXxelitestabxXx

    XXxelitestabxXx Terrarian

    I don't gen care if here small but additions to the game I just don't want it to end...if it ends they should make all devices have the same things and cross platform
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 21, 2019, Original Post Date: Jul 21, 2019 ---
    And mobile switch and console have journeys end too...I mean this is favoritism
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  17. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    The goal is to have all those platforms reach the same level. Everything is not just going to stop when 1.4 is released on PC.

    As far as cross-platform goes - the console companies all have to be on board with that and provide access and support for it. So far, they have not done that for the vast majority of games.
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  18. Moor Al-Malik

    Moor Al-Malik Eye of Cthulhu

    It is always nice to see this game keep progressing.

    I wonder how the new boss will looks like? I hope she's as beautiful as it is said!
  19. The Steampunk

    The Steampunk Eye of Cthulhu

    will the console 1.3.2, 1.3.3, so on be separate updates or all together in one update?
  20. The Steampunk

    The Steampunk Eye of Cthulhu

    It might be post moon lord because didnt Cenx want to add a final sword other than the Mowmere
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