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Terraria State of the Game - October 2020

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@Loki is there any chance that we will be getting block filling mode back for the smart cursor in 1.4.2? Not having that feature is just about painful for any large project.

Show Hotel

Can you at least not make every damn npc picky I can't even make 1 house I'm doing it correctly....
Did I break the game it never did this till today Idk were go I'm losing it im about burst


Skeletron Prime
Is it me or is the Switch version seeming smoother in the video? If so here's hoping for awesome optimization.

Da King

To that end, we have a hotfix in process that we expect to be able to push out to everyone sometime early next week.
I have a question; I cant break naturally generated walls, so will you be able to put that in the hotfix?


Staff member
@Loki can i ask if were having the water physics in upcoming hotfix?

What about the ripples effect on mobile? Is that coming out next week too??

Not sure, but I don't think so - I expect that will more likely come with 1.4.1, but I will check with DR. Remember, what you have now is sort of a "partial" implementation of the smooth water (assuming you are using Color lighting of course).

Wait, could you always toggle wind and rain in the Powers Menu? o_O


No, i’m pretty sure console will be just at release

This is correct.
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