Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment


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Capture 2022-07-27 23_25_38.png

The slime is on our side, guys.


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The angler sleeping above the water
Is there another one in the screenshot besides the one floating in the water and I'm missing it? It just looks like they're sleeping on the water, just as they normally do, as well as in the screenshot immediately above.

Seriously, please circle the sleeping angler that is above the water that I am missing. I don't mean to be confrontational but to me, it looks like either people have taken a screenshot of something completely normal and are putting it forward as if it's truly miraculously exceptional and noteworthy, or there's some gaslighting going on.

In fact, here's a crude MSPaint snippet of two different Sleeping Anglers in two different screenshots. They seem to be at the same height.

So is there another Angler in the screenshot that I'm not seeing? Help a brother out here. I don't want to lose my mind over this.


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Gotta love it when the world gen's visibly drunk.

Edit: Or how about the meteor that hit and broke a shadow orb, summoning Eater on me?


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Fun Fact: Not sure if most ppl know this [because it's extremely rare], but... Nimbus Rod can actually cast out a 'dud' cloud, that'll remain inactive & visible, even after casting many more "Nimbus Clouds".
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