Sprites The River (Alternate Underworld)


This is hands-down the best Underworld alternate idea have have ever seen. If any of them were deserving of making it into the game (although none of them will, unfortunately), this would definitely be my first pick. Well done! This is extremely thorough, and the huge effort you put into this is obvious.

I think you've earned this:


The Destroyer
I do like the majority of this, but I do have a bit of a problem with the armor.
First and foremost, this would give magic 3 armors pre-hardmode, and melee potentially none. (If it's a Crimson world.) I try to not cater to classed playthroughs, but magic really doesn't need that many armors. However, with the nature of some of the other items, I see an excellent opportunity to cut down class barriers. Rather than give any class bonus, why not give the set the ability restore mana on melee hits? (Like Crimson armor, you might want to give a minor bonus to overall damage.)


Dungeon Spirit
Just when I thought there couldn't be any more wonderful ideas, someone decides that the underworld itself should have its own replacement like the Crimson.
This was an extensive read, but it was worth every second. I would be incredibly psyched to see this in the actual game, as all the Greek references are just beautiful. The enemies and items each serve their own purpose and are just plain awesome. Not only that, but you made the armor for mages instead of warriors. That's definitely a fitting change that I'd like to see for the beginning of hardmode. Most players I see, seem to be afraid of going into hardmode without molten armor.
And my favorite part, the Wisp minions. You even remembered the Summoner. <3


Queen Bee
Wow... just... WOW! When I saw the title of the thread, I didn't know what to expect. And then you just CHARGES AT ME with all this super-cool stuff. I mean, that new Ankh Shield looks AMAZING! I have nothing to complain about. You have my support! ;)


I really like the idea, and all this sprites makes this even greater. I wish this will make to the game someday. Support!


This is absolutely amazing. My only real gripes are the colour of the lava variant.

Should be like softly glowing quicksilver.


This is amazing, I think that this should be for the herder mode red's working on, and there should be a rare chance to have this on a regular map, it'd be really interesting to see this in terraria, but I really like the underworld, and I don't see any ways that it would be possible to have both under world biomes on the same map, the only solution, in my opinion, would be to have this take over in extreme hard mode as the new underworld, or make it some super rare chance to have this as a underworld in a normal map, or, you could make it somewhere that isnt even where the under world, perhaps below it, or maybe just another place underground.....:happy: please think about it, and tell me if you find any other solutions, other than thet, awesome job on.... well, everything!


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why does aether + honey = crispy honey?
Aether replaces all Lava and functions the same (aside from causing Mortality instead of OnFire!). Aether would make Crispy Honey Blocks just as Lava would, but wouldn't mix with Lava -- since it's an equal.
Another word for crispy is brittle, it describes a texture more so than a method of attaining that texture. It is usually associated with food or "burning" but it doesn't have to be and isn't always. The Aether "ages" the honey, making it crispy/brittle. I could make "Brittle Honey Block", but I don't want to change something if I don't have to.


Still disappointed it's not silvery in colour. Other then that though, this looks amazing. The mockup really helps bring it together.

Just hate the colour. >.>

At page 8 though I don't think I'll have an impact on that bit tho so I'll just live with it! :p

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