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The TCF Relation of Three Contest Submission Thread!

Welcome to to the TCF Relation of Three Contest Entry Thread! This is the Thread where you will submit your Entry for the Contest. The Main Contest Thread is used for discussion on the Contest itself and member's Entries, along with explanation on how to submit your entry here. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Entry meets the rules of the Contest along with fitting into the category you've chosen. Any Entry which does not fit into the guidelines from the Main Thread will be disqualified when the deadline is reached and you will not receive the participation Title.

As a reminder, all entries must fit into one of the three categories listed below; labeling your submission's category will be very helpful to the judges for organizing everything:
- In Game Creations
- Artwork
- Other Creative Expressions

In the case of large screenshots/images and lengthy writing, please include your post in spoilers to keep the thread easier to read. We would also ask, if you care to share, for a brief description of your entry including your concept and inspiration, and how it relates the 3 Elements in Terraria you've chosen together.

Any non-entries posted here will be moved or deleted. If you want to discuss entries or the contest itself, please use the main contest thread. Entries will be taken until November 7th, after which the thread will be closed and all entries will be final!

As another reminder from the main thread. Only one Entry per person meaning only one Post per person on this Thread. If there is more than one post from the same member on this Thread, their new post will be deleted as they already submitted an entry before.

As a tip for commenting on entries in the main Thread, what one can do is to click "reply" on a member's entry post on the Submission Thread, and then copy & paste that into a reply on the Main Contest Thread with your comment about the Entry.

Last but not least, Good Luck to all Contest Participants! We hope this is as exciting to you as it is for us!
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It was a rather typical bathroom, a short hallway with a small curve at the end where the toilet had been placed. The young Terrarian flicked on the light, pushed past the bathtub and sink, and turned his body towards the toilet. As any normal person would, he sat down on the commode and began the act of urinating. Something struck him as rather odd when he felt a hand touch his bottom. He stood up and shrieked as he saw a trio bloody hand wriggling around in the toilet.

After that scary encounter, he slowly walked to the sink and washed his hands. After, he returned back to the toilet to take a look. A crimson liquid was now inside of the bowl. The boy thought he had produced that blood. Terrified, he began to motion towards the button, and flushed the toilet. It would be his final error.

The toilet began the process of flushing as it normally would, except rather than flowing down into the pipes, it began to spin around furiously as it were being pursued by an enemy, and the liquid began to gush out of the toilet. The toilet seemed as it were chuckling a deep, sinister laugh as it was geysering out immense amounts of blood-water, spraying the boy and staining his favourite pyjamas.

The younggun began to bawl and scream for aid. But nobody came. His parents seemed to be deaf, or in a very deep sleep. A *plink plonk* sound forced him to spin around towards the bathtub and view a ghoulish sight of blood showering from the head, and the drain erupting blood as if it were molten lava coming from a volcano. him yelled so high it felt as if he had destroyed his vocal cords. Tears in his eyes, he began to run for the door but saw only a massive padlock with many scratches on the doorknob, and three circles of red ink on the door, as if his little house on the Terrarian plains was in Hell.

A small tap at the small of the boy's back instinctively made his body turn around to meet a horrible creature from the depths of God knows where. A three headed red swamp monster that had somehow been formed by this crimson liquid hardening into a shell.

For a second the two just stared at each other. Then the monster began to batter the vulnerable Terrarian with a barrage of painful punches, with deadly force and accuracy. Each time this creature from the Black Lagoon assaulted him it felt as if he were slowly dying, breath vomiting from his mouth like a strong gale. In his state of shock he did not see that the sink was also creating a torrential downpour of ruby red blood, and started pooling on the ground, only further strengthening the power of the monster. The bathroom had literally become a bloodbath.

The boy, bruised and hurt, had been damaged by the creature so much he began to flick between consciousness and death. The chaotic blood god picked up the boy, took him by the bathtub which had become a pool of blood, and threw him in there, with intentions for him to drown.

The Terrarian could not keep afloat inside of this bathtub filled of redness, and as if triggered by his commencing of drowning, the drain of the bathtub reared its mouth open to three times its normal size to swallow the boy. However, he saw two adults, a man and a woman, trying to reach! Reaching for his body! His hallucination forced him to jerk out his arm, but it was all futile. The drain had nearly completely digested his latest victim, and the young boy, had died. What the boy didn’t realize, was that his parents had been murdered by the same drain, hours ago.
In game creation

The house of a giant who is keeping The Guide in a cage.


edit: will replace this with something that fits the theme "3". I somehow missed that part of the post >,< my bad!
I guess you could say 3 aspects of the game in this image are; Fun, Creativity, Building but that was just pulled out of my *** in hindsight :<
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I created a bit of a prose-poetry thing for the Other Submissions section. It is meant to express the original three classes - Magic, Melee, and Ranged. Revised on October 18, 2017.


That was what it was before. Three. Things changed later, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

There were three, fighting Skeletron with his three hitboxes.

Three, fighting the three bosses that plagued the world.

The first one went to the Underworld and back to make his three tools: A hamaxe, a pickaxe, and a sword, making him ready for the battle.

The second one went to the site of the meteorite, and mined until it was dry. With it, she made her three pieces of armor, and was also ready.

The last one journeyed deep into the dungeon, forging his three pieces of armor from the bones of three different kinds of skeletons who protected the dungeon. After this forging, he too was ready.

The three warriors were ready. However, for what? What was there to be ready for?

With one change of a number, the answer came.

In the Underworld, a fleshy fighter with three fleshy eyes appeared, a Wall that was to be brought down.

They did bring it down, and then found there was new armor.

The three all wore the same Adamantite, but the three Helmets distinguished them.

Only good things had come from the defeating the Wall - so far.

However, the air began to chill, the earth to vibrate.

It was going to be a terrible night for the three - the bosses that plagued the world had returned, but with three times the strength.

Through perseverance, the Three obtained the souls. They became Hallowed.

However, all good things must come to an end - another change of a number, and then there were four.

Nobody knew where the fourth came from, but I knew one thing - it upset the balance.

No more are there three of them, but there is still three elsewhere.

There are three Eyes of Cthulhu, protecting the Moon Lord.

There are three pieces of Golem, protecting his true form.

There are three Statues, those that provide you with much needed items.

Indeed, the legacy of the Three Fighters might be gone,

But the legacy of the number will live on forever.
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My console base, you need to download the zip file,the pics are divided into three since it's too big (Or maybe to fit with the theme)
Hope you like it!
The three parts are the top (Floating workshop plus mini house)

<moderator edit: placing the screenshots directly in the post so that a zip file does not need to be downloaded>




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Category - 'Other Creative Expressions', or writing.
Also, not quite for the faint of heart.
Just a warning.

The amount of words in every sentence is a multiple of three.
The amount of lines is also a multiple of three.

Most people have a favourite number. They pick their number, maybe because it's their birthday, or it's a reference to something that they like.
I, too, have a favourite number.
But, a bit more, well, extreme.
My favourite number would be three. Everything has to be in three's.
Meals, I must have three a day, maybe six.
Desk, or anything of the sort, their must be three per room.
Even people in the house, their must be three.

I have two siblings, of which I live with.
Besides the large bills that come with doing everything times three, it's been good.
I mean, it might be time consuming to write three of the same thing at once, or drink three coffees, but I somehow manage.
It's clearly better then the alternative.
I was born with this, thing. I have been like this my entire life, since I was little.
Because whenever something was not done in three, well, I just could not handle it.
They say its because of the world i'm in, apparantly everything here is done in three's, whether its biomes, or anything.
So they said it is natural, an adaption to the world I, we live in.

So, now you know of my thing, the three's.
I mean, even these sentences, the words have been all in threes.

But that isn't the problem anymore.
The problem is that the thing has become, selfaware.
I mean, look at your hand. Chances are you have five fingers.
That's, not in three's is it.
Toes, the same.
Eyes, mouth, nose?

It's not my fault, its not. Its, the things fault, not mine!
I cut them off, the fingers.
The toes, the hair, the nose, I cut off!
Then I realised.
Me and my siblings are no longer the same.
They, we, have a different amount of, well everything.
That is why, I am sorry, I truly am.
I didn't want to kill them. I didn't want to harm them.
I didn't want to cut myself.
But you have to understand, the amount it hurt to do so.
Especially when I realised there was only one person in my house.

I tried to thrust that knife into my chest, to end it.
I would not have to feel the pain, and I would not hurt anyone else.
I lay dead next to my siblins, my final thought -
Finally, everything's perfect.
But then you police, you stormed the house just before I could finish myself off.

So now I will plead, beg. Finish me off.
Please, do it. I can't imagine dealing with this thing in confinement.

Just make sure the amount of blood spilt, is done in three's.

Hello there!
This entry is based of someone becoming more or less insane, from the amount of three's.
Now, you're first question will most likely be -
How the hell is this in any way related to Terraria?
I'll admit, it is loose, but here it is.
In a realistic depiction of a world such as Terraria, people will have mental disorders. That is just a part of life. This person has one. It developed, or how the brain likes to say, adapted to the sorroundings, as everything in Terraria is in three's, causing him to constantly think - Three's.
If something wasn't in threes it wasn't natural, as all that is natural in Terraria is in three's. Therefor, it should be terminated.
Another way it is related to terraria, is that a mental disorder such as this one would not, or would be a lot less likely, to develop in our common world.
If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.
Believe it or not, it was not rainbows that inspired me.
A short story called Symmetry was the main thing that came to mind while writing this, that and ofcourse the main theme of three.

Anddddd that's it. Thanks for reading!
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This was a strange idea to come to mind some time back, before I went into my major hiatus and swapped over to the cell-shaded style I've been using, and I never really got around to drawing it before now.

I had a few ideas for what of 'three' I could do for this contest, and this one stood out as something a bit more involved and 'unique' than simply drawing the convergence of three biomes or something like that.

So I decided I'd draw something I've been overdue for: The Moon Lord.

What does the Moon Lord have to do with three? True Eyes, maybe? Nah, too simple.

But think about it. When we summon the Moon Lord after defeating the four Celestial Pillars, his appearance only matches one of them. His theme is... decidedly Vortexian.

What if-

What if

The Moon Lord...

In-Game Creations:
Capture 2017-10-10 17_13_04.png

A hidden laboratory with a mad scientist who's intoxicated by success of creating Corrupt and Crimtane bunnies through improper diet and is now attempting to find a suitable feed to bring an elusive Hallow Bunny into existence.
There've been some... incidents, that convinced to invest in some escalating containment measures.
Hiring new lab assistants.
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Category: Other
Poem: A World Forgotten, A World Remembered
(Poem title is a W.I.P I hope you enjoy.)
By: rediniowa5

Three key biomes In a world so old,
Three ancient guardians of the world below,
Three stages the world would endure,
Three times the sky shall ring,
Till the moon shall come for us all.
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I Made a "Poem"
There are 33 bosses in Terraria. a multiple of 3
There are 27 biomes in Terraria. (including mini biomes.) A multiple of 3
There are 2019 PC items in Terraria. A multiple of 3
There are 39 console/Mobile Exclusive items in Terraria. A multiple of 3

There are 3 Types of weapons in Terraria, Melee, Ranged and Magic
Terraria is 6 years old. A multiple of 3
Terraria is on 12 different consoles. A multiple of 3
There are 27 NPCs in Terraria. A multiple of 3

There are 3 different difficulties (soft core, medium core, hard core)
There are 3 different modes in Terraria (normal, hard, expert)
There are 3 different world sizes
The Terraria community Forums are 3 years old…

  1. a piece of writing in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by particular attention to diction (sometimes involving rhyme), rhythm, and imagery."the sun is an important symbol in this poem.”

This is a poem. It is a pice of writing that expresses an Idea “3” Also “A multiple of 3” rhymes with “A multiple of 3” so..

Whether its a good poem is debatable.

In all seriousness this was really fun to research.
My submission is an "Other Creative Expressions" achievements. Not about the achievement itself, but the time that spend in this game.

It has been full 3 years!!!!

Today I'm still paying this game (On mobile only) and ... well, an achievements that never achievable due to a SOLID bugs.

To Purple Slime...One day. I will find you.
My submission is an in-game build. It's three floating buildings, each themed around one of the spreadable biomes: Hallow, Crimson and Corruption.
In addition, each house also contains stuff that expresses an aspect of the game: One is about the multiplayer features and the awesome Terraria community, one is about the combat system and the different classes, and one is about building pretty houses or functional builds, and crafting.


Edit: There's supposed to be three letter statues on the empty platform in the hallow/community house, but the Camera Mode refused to capture them. They were painted white, and spelled out "TCF".
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In Game Creation:
It's the 3 Mechanical Bosses, shaped as 3's, forming a 3 sided triangle.
EDIT: I forget to mention, but that makes it 3 sets of 3's.

EDIT: Smoothed out the flesh connecting the Twins and took the picture in a better setting.
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Three different liquids, three different invasive biomes, Three letters representing this here forums, and (nearly) Three hours spent watching the stupid liquid generators do there thing. Enjoy!
(This falls under the "In-Game Build" category)
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