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    The TCF Relation of Three Contest
    Hello Terrarians!

    The Developers of Re-Logic along with the Forum Staff of TCF are proud to present to you a new contest to celebrate the upcoming 1.3 update for Console versions, along with the 3rd year of TCF!

    There are several events going on with Terraria and Re-Logic as a whole. There is 1.3.6 being developed for PC with Terraria continuing to evolve, Pipeworks Studio very hard at work on getting the 1.3 update out into the hands of Console and also Mobile players. And through this, the goal of making Terraria a more unified experience for all players regardless of the platform that players play on. This is One Terraria! The work that Pipeworks puts into resetting the codebase and getting the update out for the latest generation Consoles, will allow for far faster updates in the future.

    To celebrate these recent developments, we feel another Contest is in order for this year for all Terrarians to express their creativity. Terrarians from any platform of the game are welcome to participate. We've taken into account how both the Contest & Shindig of previous years has been done and have tried to incorporate elements of both into the contest of this year.

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    The Theme

    We felt that having something basic to represent Terraria, TCF, and the several versions of Terraria would be best. And as a result, the theme of this year is "3". Relating 3 aspects in the game to each other. It is the 3rd year of TCF this year, there are 3 General categories for the platforms Terraria can be played on (PC/Console/Mobile), the big 3 gaming consoles of this gaming generation (Xbox One/Playstation 4/Nintendo Switch) the 3 Biomes of Terraria that spread across your world (Corruption/Crimson/Hallow), the 3 Mech Bosses (Twins/Destroyer/Skeletron Prime), or the 3 kinds of Invasions that are present in Terraria (Goblins/Pirates/Martians). Anything from Terraria that you can think of that can be associated with a group of 3 is the theme of this contest, and what your Contest Entry will be focused towards. Any element in Terraria that you feel has a strong association towards 3 for and want to relate in this group of 3.


    There will be 3 Categories that members may choose to classify their entry with. Each member may choose only 1 category for their entry. And your Entry must focus on Relating 3 elements of Terraria together.
    • In-Game Creations: This includes screenshots or videos
    • Artwork: Traditional (drawing, statues, origami, ect) and Digital (computer graphics, drawn on a tablet, ect) both fall under this category.
    • Other Creative Expressions: Other ways of expressing creativity include Writing, Music, Interpretive dance, and live action reenactments which do not fit into the other categories.

    General Rules

    1. Every user is allowed to submit only one entry and in only one category. (For example one entry in the artwork category, and none in any other)
    2. Entries which do not meet the specific Category rules by the deadline will be disqualified.
    3. You must have been a member of TCF for at least 3 months prior to the date that this contest starts. (must have registered by July 7th 2017)
    4. No stealing another person's work. If you are found guilty of this your entry will be removed and you may get additional punishments in accordance with forum rules against plagiarism.
    5. You may edit your post to switch your current submission with another as much as you want, but the contest section will be locked on November 7th, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST, and you will be stuck with the entry on your post.
    6. Placeholder posts are not permitted. They are unnecessary and make the judging process more complicated. Any placeholder posts made in the Submission Thread will be deleted.
    7. While not a set in stone rule, putting your image in a spoiler is much appreciated for people with low end computers.
    8. Needless to say, global forum rules still apply, and excessive profanity or inappropriate content will not be suitable for consideration.
    9. The Staff will have the final say on what fits in which category or not.
    Category Rules

    In-Game Creations:
    • Creative expressions in this category are focused on, but are not strictly limited to unedited In-Game Screenshots or videos. Other Forms of expression may be accepted as long as it is content gathered from playing inside the game itself.
    • No editing your images. This includes editing text or graphics into it. You are allowed to crop your images down.
    • If you have more then one user in an image you must all agree that one person (the user submitting the image) is the one who will receive the prize. We can't give several users the same prize for being in one group screenshot.
    • Video entries are to be no longer than 5 minutes, this is to make the judging process more reasonable overall.
    • Creative expressions in this category include Traditional Art (drawing, statues, origami, 3D Sculptures ect) and Digital (computer graphics, Pixel Art, drawn on a tablet, ect)
    • You may use content gathered from in-game to support your artwork.
    Other Creative Expressions:
    • Creative Expressions in this category include, but are not strictly limited to Writing, Music, Interpretive Dance, Performed Song, Live Action Reenactments, and any other form of creative expression not directly specified in other Categories.
    • Writing entries are limited to 1,000 words.
    • Music must have elements from Terraria present in your music. You may use any part of an existing Terraria song as part of your music (PC and Console songs included naturally). The Terraria OST can be bought from Bandcamp (Vol. 1/Vol.2/Vol.3) or Steam. There are some songs that are not part of Terraria's official soundtrack yet which can still be used as part of your songs (Examples: Sandstorm/Old One's Army Theme).

    The Entry Process

    Posting an entry to the Contest is easy! Simply head over to the Contest Submission Thread before the deadline and post your entry on this Thread. Specify what category your entry classifies as and your entry has been entered. All entries must be submitted to the Submission Thread linked above. Your entry will not be counted if it is posted on this Thread or anywhere else on the Forum. You may change your entry along with category you have for your entry as many times as you wish before the deadline. Once the deadline hits, the submission Thread will be locked, and all entries will be considered final and cannot be changed.

    How long do we have?
    The contest's entry phase will be from now, to November 7th, 2017. Entries will not be accepted after 11:59 PM PST on November 7th. This is to allow the highest amount of leeway for people entering on the final day.

    How will this be judged?
    We will judge your entries based on Creativity, Presentation, and Representation of the theme by the judges. The judges panel will be comprised by members of the TCF Moderating team, with the final decision on winners being made by the Re-logic Staff. When taking entries into account, we will put more weight into judging how creative an entry is rather than how talented it is with how it approaches a creative relation between 3 elements that are part of Terraria.

    Judging will begin after the Contest closes. There is no time table for when judging will be completed after the Contest, but we will attempt to judge the entries as throughly as possible. Reviewing every entry carefully will take priority over trying to determine the winners quickly for this Contest.

    The Prize?

    We will be having prizes as in previous years. The prizes will be defined as follows:

    First Prize Winner (2 for each category) will receive:
    • For the winners inside the USA, a choice between either a $50 Steam Wallet Code/$50 Playstation Network gift code/$50 Xbox gift code/$50 Nintendo-E Shop Code! (Winners will receive PMs from the Staff asking which among the choices here they'd like)
    • NOTE: The prizes listed above are all in digital form. They will be sent digitally to the account that you choose that can hold the corresponding gift cards.
    • Members outside of the USA will receive the $50 Steam Card. This is because of the policies of Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo that do not allow us to distribute the gift cards to members outside of the USA.
    • A special Contest Winner's trophy and title
    Runner-Ups (3 for each category) will receive:
    • A special Contest Winner's trophy and title
    Additionally, ALL participants including the winners/runner-up's will receive:
    • A special Contest Participation trophy and title

    This means there will be 6 total winners and 9 runner ups!

    Entry Thread for Easy Access

    If you have questions about the contest as a whole or are confused about creating and entering for any part of your contest, always feel free to PM any TCF Moderator. We look forward to seeing the entries of all Terrarians and are excited to see what our Community members can create! :)
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    So basically a creation compendium with some wonga thrown in
    Fair enough
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  3. Well, RIP these guys I guess.
  4. darthmorf

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    Nice, competitions are always fun!

    Hmm... a lot of 3s... Half life 3 confirmed?
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  5. Eli10293

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    I've already got a good idea for what I'm going to do for this.
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  6. Makishima

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    "General Rules" and "The Prize?" are underlined in white instead of cyan.
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  7. BattleDragon45

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    sounds like my type of party!:cool:
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    I fixed them.
    eta also fixed the one in the Submission thread
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  9. NightFuryis11

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    What? The 3rd anniversary of TCF has come and gone already?!? Man, seems like only yesterday it was the 2nd anniversary. Well, guess I'll have to see if I can whip something up for it.
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  10. InstaFiz

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    I wanna do this so bad, but... I don't know what to make...
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  11. I know exactly what I’ll be doing! Stay tuned for some 3D models!
  12. ComixTheNoob

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    Welp, time to throw away my outside life and get to work! Good luck to others out there!
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  13. MegaSDMGShark

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    Cool, I'll probably fail but eh, will give it a try.
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  14. TheGreenTruffle

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    3? oh. I'll give you 3 of something...
  15. Joost8910

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    I'm very much looking forward to this year's contest.

    I'll be going for art this time though.
  16. Mintbut

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    That is so great! I thought I could never be able to take part in these contests!:dryadpassionate::nursegrin:
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  17. Necrius

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    An idea for some artist - Moon Lord beating up Ocram, Lepus and Turkor. It got all 3 types of Terraria and covers the story about console exclusives going away.
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  18. poor sweet precious ocram never did anything wrong
  19. PieOfCthulhu

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    Ah, so many possible things to make, but which one? At first wanted to do something involving the Wall of Flesh, Plantera (or Ocram), and Moon Lord – the "major" bosses of Terraria – but Plantera/Ocram doesn't really stand out as much as the other two, and I realised the idea behind it wouldn't be very obvious, so I decided against it.
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  20. MadmanLava

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    I dont do much on the forum cos Im just waiting for mobile reset(rip september-october release), but Ill get cracking. Also shocked there is no illuminati confirmed jokes yet.
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