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There & Back Again: A Summary of Journey's End


I've read through the whole .txt to latter find this organized, cute version here. Same lenght tho, not sad, just .txt.


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I haven't finished reading the changelog, but is there some indication to how good each pair of wings are in the item description? It'd be helpful to know when you've found a better pair of wings than the ones you have, especially now that they are more balanced for progression.
One of the first things I looked into when doing the rebalance was "Wing stats". Unfortunately, Wing stats are not easily translatable to "tooltip stats".

When a weapon does 20 damage, the code says it does 20 damage, and that comes out directly into the weapon tooltip.

Wings don't work that way. Their stats take the form of seemingly arbitrary multipliers and numbers that don't easily translate into direct numbers like "blocks traveled" or "seconds in the air". We COULD add these manually (translate them from stat to "real" form) but it wouldn't actually be accurate, and wouldn't adapt on the fly in the presence of Flight boosters like Wings or Frog Legs. As a result, I was recommended that it was best not to make Wing stats into a thing, because it wouldn't work very well.

As it stands, the best measure of 90% of the wings in the game is raw flight power in terms of how many blocks high they can fly.


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Well, now that I've spent the last hour and a half, two hours reading through everything. HOLY HELL I WANT IT NOW! But, I'll wait, it's so close I can almost taste those juicy tree fruits. Everyone's done a great, awesome, superb job on this, and I can't wait to see your next project come to light, whatever it may be.


And I just beat moon lord on pc just in time. :D

Don't worry, i beat him a large amount of times on switch.

Speaking of Switch, (which is where my question comes in) Is Switch going to get 1.3.5 AFTER Journey's End? Because that would be really disappointing, and I'd probably be too busy playing Journey's End on pc instead of playing a bit more Nintendo Switch Terraria with my friends tomorrow, and beat it with them. One of my friends has never even beat Terraria before, and I think it would be sad if he had to wait even more for all of the BUGS and GLITCHS to finally go away. Heck, I can't even battle an expert ZOMBIE without it either teleporting in my face, Having my weapon lag out, or just plain kick me off. It's SO LAGGY. But, I can't complain at all, I can play Journey's End in two days. It's just something i've been waiting for, just as much as Journey's End.


- Angler’s Quest rewards are now more likely to give you the Info Accessories. Additionally, he will not give you duplicates of an accessory you have in your inventory, unless you already have them all.
- Reduced the volume on Vortex Beater, Sniper Rifle and Solar Eruption


This is all really awesome stuff. I still have one concern. Can the Terraria sentry summons (IE:Queen Spider, Frost Hydra, Vortex, Crystal) be separate from the the Dungeon Defenders sentries? The sentry limit indirectly nerfed these items since they can no longer be used together without using up an accessory slot. Either that or give Spooky and Stardust armor +1 sentries. This is all I ask for.
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