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Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled


I was hoping for this as well. I'd like to see what they had patched into the current Terraria if possible. Maybe have a short transition after Moon lord, then everything changes to "Otherworld" format with different boss mechanics?
Good Day, Terrarians-

We wanted to take a few moments to share some important news with you all in regards to the status of Terraria: Otherworld.

As you all know from when we first announced the game a long while ago – and as we repeated in our subsequent posts - Re-Logic’s focus has and always will be on delivering complete and quality game experiences to our fanbase. Just to underscore it once more, this means that we will not compromise game quality for speed to market or for any other reasons within our control. Our team has a clear vision for this game – one that we shared with all of you with much shared excitement – and, in spite of all of our efforts, the current state of the game remains equal parts far from that vision and beyond behind schedule from our initial planning when we shared Otherworld with all of you three years ago. Progress has absolutely been made during that time – but unfortunately, a very thorough status review of the game versus its intended design showed both the Re-Logic and 505/Pipeworks teams that things were quite a bit further away from the finish line than we had imagined. Taking the massive amount of work that would be remaining to complete along with the extensive time it would take to get that done, and how that would greatly interfere with the pursuit of other projects on behalf of Re-Logic – it becomes clear that this leaves things in a very undesirable state.

As a result, we have made the decision to terminate development of Terraria: Otherworld.

We sincerely thank both of our external development teams for their hard work on the game, but at some point, we have to be honest with ourselves and realize that Otherworld simply is never going to reach its potential in any sort of reasonable time or fashion.

We know that the cancellation of Terraria: Otherworld will not be happy news to anyone. It is FAR from a happy moment for us either, when we look at all the time/effort/resources that we poured into the project. However, we feel strongly that we owe it to our community and loyal customers to uphold the standards that both you and we expect and to focus on delivering the best possible games that we can for you all to play. Come whatever may, quality is simply not something we are willing to compromise on to make a quick buck. It may be painful in the short term, but our sincere hope is that it will pay off for everyone in the long term in regard to our future games. T:OW will never come to pass, but its lessons learned and ideas generated will absolutely yield dividends for everyone.


So, what now? Next Steps for Re-Logic & Lessons Learned

  • In hindsight, it goes without saying that we never should have spoken publicly about this game as early-on as we did. We will fully own that error in judgement. Moving forward, we will be far more judicious about only sharing information on projects in which we are fully confident in regards to timing, etc. We can only apologize for all of the emotional rollercoaster this caused.

  • Trying to outsource development of such a critical title for our company – even if just in part – was not the way to go. Moving ahead, our focus for the core development of new/future titles will be more inward and will seek to utilize our own people. We will share more information there just as soon as we have it.

  • Re-Logic has possession of the game (design, code, art, sounds, etc.) as it exists today, and there are still a ton of amazing ideas under the hood here – many of which have never been publicly shared. These are ideas that we have not and will not forget and that you will very likely see implemented in our future titles.

  • Active development of Terraria continues - 1.3.6 is still very much in active development. We know that we have not shared a lot in the way of spoilers there – but rest assured that the team has been working tirelessly on our next PC wave.

  • This keeps our partners at 505/Pipeworks wholly focused on Console/Mobile/Switch – and there is still a TON to get done there, so that should be good.


Thanks so much to you all for your amazing support of Terraria, Terraria: Otherworld, and our company. It is that support that drives us every day to do amazing things for you and we look forward to sharing more of what is to come very soon.

We are sure that you have a ton of questions, and we will answer what we can – but we will not delve into some areas out of either respect or confidence or the unknown. So we will ask your patience and forgiveness in advance there. Thanks!
So it’s gone forever so we might as well forget it?


You talk about amateurs fixing problems that even seasoned industry professionals could not fix.

While I agree with everything else you posted, I gotta disagree with this.
There are plenty of examples of modders fixing a bugged/unpolished game released by big name companies.
"Seasoned industry professionals", while experienced, cannot be compared to the worldwide community.
There will most likely be someone out there who has more expertise in areas that they lack.


Lmao, what "other title/projects"?

Seriously though, how many people do you have working on this stuff, for this many years???

If there's like 3 people in each of these "development teams", and they all have other jobs, then sure, I'd give you a pass.

But, if these are actual full-time, career studios, with full staffs... What the actual :red: do you do all day?

Your "quality" defense sounds a lot more like the classic procrastinators excuse..."I'm not going to do it unless I'm sure everything will be perfect".

Action is more important than Intent.

Everyone else who has been tagging along behind this franchise might not be convinced, they might still believe in your rhetoric, but myself, I'm over it.

Good luck.

Pinhead Larry

I don't think it was your grammar or lack thereof that caused Re-Logic, Pipeworks, Engine Software or anyone else involved in the development of T:OW to avoid replying to your "suggestions/Solutions".

I think it was your attitude combined with your alarmist messages.

You try to make out that you understand the games industry, but your posts illustrate perfectly that you don't.

You put yourself on a pedestal above even the members of the three companies involved in the development process, stating that they are constantly making grave errors of judgement and are all doomed to failure and possible closure or takeover by other companies.

You talk about amateurs fixing problems that even seasoned industry professionals could not fix.

You say that morale among the developers has suffered, but show no proof for this or any of your statements.

You say that an answer here shows understanding.

You provide no facts for any of your predictions/statements/guesses nor do you show that you could provide them if required.

The only solid fact is that you have no grasp on the reality of game development, you love making wild, unsubstantiated "assertions" and you feel somehow superior to just about everyone.

This reply does not in any way validate anything you have said.
Thanks for saving me the trouble of having to think of the proper words for a comeback lol


This is all sad indeed, but maybe with those assets you could release what was already done? then again, i can see why you wouldn't


I thought it looked dull. They did not show much but I did not like the art direction. I would love for Terraria 2 to have artwork like Ori and Blind Forest (que rage posts). I just hope they add more RPG mechanics and questing/stories. A random engine akin to the nemesis system of Shadow of Mordor, that would create a new threat to deal with based off of your gear level, progression level.

Terraria is the best of the 2D Minecraft genre. Please make the sequel great!


Official Terrarian
Questing does seem to be something they want to implement properly. Personally I liked the new artwork, but to each their own.


Staff member
Really, the question is: What is Relogic working on now?
I don't know what Re-Logic does behind the scenes, but I presume they are currently focused on getting the Console and Mobile versions of Terraria up to date with the PC version.


Headless Horseman
I don't know what Re-Logic does behind the scenes, but I presume they are currently focused on getting the Console and Mobile versions of Terraria up to date with the PC version.
No, that is Pipeworks Studios. They are the partner that handles all the ports.
I know Red had plans for another game different from Terraria, but not announced yet.


Questing does seem to be something they want to implement properly. Personally I liked the new artwork, but to each their own.
Yeah to each their own for sure. I love 32 bit pixel art. It just allows for better and more complex animations. I would like to see a taller character that can crouch, bend limbs, crawl, maybe roll or something. Just add a little more to the gameplay.


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One question:
does this means that works on Terraria 2 will be continued or that project is dead as well?

Terraria 2 is completely unrelated to Underworld. At this time development hasn't started on it, but it is still part of Re-Logic's plans for the long-term future.

For what will be Re-Logic's next game. That is still unknown, and for fair reason as they do not want to repeat the mistakes that happened with Otherworld. When they are ready to announce something, there will be a new announcement Thread for it.


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If relogic is stopping work on T:OW, then couldn't they give all the source, code, etc. to someone else to work on? I mean wouldn't that work? Someone else could code, program, and farther the game development while relogic works on pc terraria and 505/pipe works, work on console/mobile/switch. It works in my head...


Ummm somebody remembers when Re-logic published original Terraria for the first time? Well... uhm... why could they not do the same with T:OW? I am still mindblown why did they not publish the base game, and then update it afterwards, with the opinions of people on what should be fixed or balanced? Whaaaa....


If there was some good reason for ReLogic to release the game I think they'd still be trying to do so. From the sounds of things though the game wasn't fun and wasn't ever going to be. The assets and ideas behind it could probably be implemented in Terraria or it's sequel. Why would we all want a half started, unplayable, buggy mess that isn't any good at its very core when ReLogic could just devote time to making something that is good.
Well they did the same with Original terraria, i know that the oldest version did not even have any boss! Or a different biome, just a ton of forest.
[doublepost=1530187097,1530187001][/doublepost]AND there was no hardmode! Do you think Terraria had everything we have now instantly?
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