tModLoader Vanilla Tweaks + other little tweak mods

Believe it or not, omniswing works with 0.10... but there is only one mod that conflicts with it.
Vanilla Tweaks has been updated for the new tModLoader (also added Russian localization for Guardian's Shield and Sand Brick). This took a bit longer than I thought because of the new localization system, I had to write some ugly code in order to rename items. It seems to work though.

Dye Easy and OmniSwing should work fine without updating.

It's 2 a.m. here and I want to sleep so I'll update the rest of the mods tomorrow. Also, the new versions aren't on Github yet, but you can get the latest version on the Mod Browser as usual.
Recommend giving your config file a mod specific name, since I'd set my mods to also use the Mod Configs folder.
Recommend giving your config file a mod specific name, since I'd set my mods to also use the Mod Configs folder.
My configs are contained within their own folders (Terraria/ModLoader/Mod Configs/<mod name>/config.json + version.json). I wanted to save the "version" of a config file separately, so I could handle outdated settings in a smart way. I've never had to do that though, so I should probably just move the file to ModConfigs/<mod name>.json like everybody else.
It looks like Boss Expertise, and What Mod Is This From are the only mods not updated. Unless they are all updated under Vanilla Tweaks.

Edit: Oh and Wireless
sup , i love omniswing , every weapon autofires
except for this little , uhh , big guy from thorium mod

Since you're working on updating your mods to 0.10 , can you make the wyvern slayer autoswing ?
Ah I also had the problem that Boss Expertise is not updated yet. Could you please update it? You're the best!
I don't want to be annoying (i guess I've failed at that), but please update boss expertise cos I suck at Terraria and I want to play it with treasure bags. Thank you xD
Hi goldenapple, I know you're probably hard at work already, but I'd just like to pop in and add my voice to the group of people who are excited to see Boss Expertise updated. It's one of my favourite mods for sure, and I really miss it. I'm sorry if it's frustrating to be bombarded with these demands, but I suppose it shows that we really like your mods, and that we appreciate them enough to care.

I didn't mean to write a big ol' letter, but there you have it. Thanks for all you do for us. We appreciate it.
just saying the which mod is this from mod does not tell me what mod a enemy or npc is from
I think you need to go to the mod config folder and make DisplayWorldTooltips to true.C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Configs
Hey, can you update a Boss Expertise mod to v0.10 of tmodloader, that would be very nice, because it's very useful mod and I really like it :)
I've updated the WMITF mod to tModLoader 0.10. If anyone is interested, then go to:, download it, place the files inside Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mod Sources/WMITF and then build it using the in-game menu.

For the mod author: I've created a pull request on GitHub.
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